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3 relaxing bedtime stories for babies and toddlers

February 27, 2017

These three bedtime stories are some of our absolute favourites for babies and toddlers. We read a wide variety of children’s books in this house. We have lots of our own and we also love going to the library to select new ones. Bedtime stories for my eldest now can be any type of book (except noisy books). However when she was younger we used to make sure bedtime stories were calming and settling. We also used to read the same ones more regularly. These three books all feature key elements of the bedtime routine and are perfect for helping to create a reassuring bedtime for your littlest ones.

A recipe for bedtime, Peter Bently & Sarah Massini

Baby, baby soft and sweet,

almost good enough to eat!

It’s night-night time so come with me,

and hear my bedtime  recipe.

A lovely rhyming story about how to get a baby ready for bed. The illustrations are beautiful too. Just the right length for children under two.

Who puts the animals to bed? Mij Kelly and Holly Cliffton-Brown

Have you ever wondered who blows the crocodile a kiss or tells elephant to close his eyes? Another beautifully illustrated short but sweet bedtime story for little ones.

who puts the animals to bed?

Goodnight tiger, Timothy Knapman and Laura Hughes

Goodnight tiger

Emily can’t sleep because of all the noise the animals on her wallpaper are making. They can’t sleep so Emily help them by recreating the bedtime routine. This is another beautifully illustrated book. We love this book so much that at one point F knew this it almost word for word.Good night tiger

So those are our top three bedtime stories for young children. What about you? what is your little ones favourite bedtime story?

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one of our 3 favourite relaxing bedtime stories for babies and toddlers

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  1. These books sound fantastic. I always love children’s stories and ones with animals are my favourite too. I’d like to buy A recipe for bedtime. It looks fun and the illustrations look fab too. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR and apologies for my delay in visiting your blog.

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