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Baby’s very first big play book – what we’re reading

April 9, 2014

IMG_8986I was instantly drawn to this book by the bright colours. There are only a few words on each page and there certainly isn’t any kind of story to the book. Instead each page has simple, bright and colourful illustrations, lift the flaps, cut out bits showing part of the page before or after and lots of textures. Down the side there are a selection of buttons to press that play different sounds/tunes.

IMG_8993Most days, after my daughter has had her nap we curl up on the sofa and explore this book whilst she comes round from her nap. She loves to lift the flaps and run her fingers over the different textures on the page. She seems mesmerised by the sounds and usually has a big smile on her face.

IMG_8998 She seems to be particularly drawn to this purple furry tummy of an owl. She likes to run her fingers through it and giggle which I find so cute to watch.IMG_8997Although I usually prefer books with a story, I like this book for letting my little girl be in charge. Since there is no story I’m happy to let her turn the pages in any direction she likes and she seems to love the freedom.

IMG_9003This week I am linking up with Carie at Space for the butterflies. Please do pop other to her blog by clicking on the button below to link up what you’ve been reading with your children or to get some ideas.

Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading
300 picture book challenge
I’m happy to say we seem to be starting to read book more and more again. Before and after nap time seem good times to read books together. Before to try to get her to nap and after as she likes a sleepy cuddle whilst she comes round. We had a trip to the library last week and we discovered the new books shelf! We came home with quiet a collection of beautiful new books. I’ll be looking on that shelf first next time we visit the library.
Untitled-2Number of new books this fortnight –  11
Total number of books read this year – 106/300

  1. We have a few books like this too and Amelia enjoys telling me the story even though there isn’t one. It’s great when they get so much enjoyment from playing with a book on their own terms. 🙂

  2. There’s clearly a reason that Usbourne books are such a mainstay of baby books, and this is no exception; I love the colours (and that gorgeous butterfly – I know, very predictable of me!). We’ve got a few of the non-noisy ones and Elma just loves them.
    And also, wow you’ve been busy with your book challenge – it’s going to be a wonderful record of all the lovely books you read when you’re finished!

  3. The Big Play Book looks fab! We’ve got a few lovely Usbourne books but this looks even better than those. Room on the Broom is great too – we were given the sound book version of that for Little Miss’s second birthday a few weeks ago and she loves it. Julia Donaldson’s books are always good.

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