Bravado body silk seamless nursing bra review

June 27, 2013

Disclosure – this is not a sponsored post but I was sent a Bravado body silk seamless nursing bra to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Both photos are supplied by Bravado (no I will not be modelling a bra on this blog anytime soon).

BSS Butterscotch LifestyleIn my final weeks of pregnancy, I started thinking about purchasing nursing bras. As a first time mum, I found it quite confusing and struggled with knowing when to get measured and buy the bras I needed for my hospital bag. There is a balance of not waiting too late and not having any or getting measured too early and not getting the right size. I was measured at 38 weeks (in a well known chain) and I purchased 2 bras which I did end up taking back and getting a different size when my baby was 2 weeks old. This bra from Bravado might just be the perfect solution, though.

I was offered the chance to review the body silk seamless nursing bra from Bravado just before my baby was due. I followed the easy to follow advice on the website to determine my bra size. Again measuring your size late pregnancy for a nursing bra is not ideal (I went down one back size and the cup size altered too) but this bra overcomes that as it molds to your shape. The bra is available in sizes S to XL and the website contains an easy to understand table helping you to convert your back and cup size to the most appropriate size. The fact that the bra is stretchy and accommodates several sizes was a god send when my milk came in at 5 days.

I have been washing and wearing this bra for 7 weeks now. I am pleased to say it is comfortable and supportive to wear and has washed well. As you would expect from a nursing bra, the cups unfasten at the top for access for feeding your baby and they are easy to use one-handed. The bra comes with removable foam pads that create a smooth line under clothes and conceal breast pads. It is available in a range of colour (white, black, nudes and some seasonal colours such as pink), I chose the butterscotch colour & I pleased with my choice. The only negative I can find (and it is only minor) is that due to the high cut of the cups I cannot wear this with a couple of tops that I own as the bra would be visible at the neckline. However, I believe it is this cut that makes this bra so supportive and creates a smooth line under t-shirts so I just wear a different bra with lower cut tops.


Of the selection of nursing bras I own this is the most comfortable for sleeping in & during the engorgement phase when my milk came in. It is easy to see why this is Bravado’s best-selling nursing bra & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone especially as a first nursing bra purchased in late pregnancy.

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