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September 24, 2015

Sorry it’s been another quiet week from me. Our internet has been down since last weekend and we only got reconnected yesterday. Consequently I’ve not blogged much and unfortunately I also haven’t read or commented on many blogs either. On the plus side we are back up and running now and we used it as an opportunity to renegotiate our home phone, tv and broadband package.


I thought with the internet being down I would read a bit more of my novel this week but the ladybird has been playing up at bed time and also waking in the night &/or early so early nights are needed. Sunday night she didn’t go to sleep until almost 11pm!

Our favorite bedtime reads with the ladybird this week have been:


We went to the library yesterday and I brought back a few non-fiction books for myself along with the ladybirds picture books. I’m particularly loving Ashlyn Gibson’s Creative Children’s spaces already and finding it so inspiring. I got her last book for Christmas last year and I can see this one going on this years wish list. IMG_3991


I thought I’d share a you tube channel I’m enjoying a lot at the moment Heather at home. I don’t follow all that many you tube channels yet but I’ve loved all the videos Heather has shared and always look forward to next weeks. I’d love to hear your recommendations for you tube channels to follow.


IMG_4001The ladybird wore new pjs last night. I picked these up in Sainsburys (all there clothes are currently 25% off) and she loves both pairs. The Peppa ones seem to be her favorite though.IMG_4008


I’m loving Jack Savoretti’s album at the moment. I tend to mostly listen to the radio whilst in the kitchen and it seems to take me a long time to realise that songs that I like are by the same artists! I’ve downloaded spotify on to my pc (which is in our bedroom) so now when I’m upstairs I put spotify on and I’m enjoying.


IMG_3956I’m continuing to make an effort to eat healthier. Last Friday I made these delicious sweet potatoes rostis for me and the ladybird (she wouldn’t eat them!). They were so good I made them on Saturday for my husband and parents too. I also made Yorkshire puddings too last Saturday to go with my mum’s roast dinner. Wednesday evening I did a big food shop and I’ve started batch cooking meals for the freezer as it was looking a bit empty. I love to be able to come from work on my working days and have a homemade meal on the table in less than 15 minutes with minimal effort.

IMG_3989I’ve been doing some painting with the ladybird too and yesterday we made a rainbow cloud at play group. I’ve used all these to refresh her art display which is the back of the garage door in our kitchen. I love the colours and she always looks so proud when I put her work up.

And lastly…..

I did start working on the ladybirds advent calendar but discovered that the pocket sizes are too small so I need to start from scratch! I’d only made about 5 pockets last winter so it’s not a great loss and it will be worth getting it right as I hope it will get used year after year.


    1. I loved her first book but many of the interiors were a bit vintage for my taste, I love this new one so much. It’s full of colour and fabulous modern, family homes. I think you’d love it too from seeing your daughters’ rooms.

  1. I love sweet potatoes, your rostis look delicious.
    What sort of advent calendar are you making? I’m making one this year but don’t know what direction to take it in.
    The pjs are super cute. I always find sainsburys clothes to be good quality. Have a lovely week x

  2. I love your rainbow cloud, that looks like something I could actually make without it looking like a dogs dinner! Creative Children’s Spaces looks a great book. xx

  3. Those rostis look lovely, so I might have to try something similar. I could really do with carving out some time for batch cooking too, as I agree it’s lovely to be able to get a meal on the table so easily. Loving the little art display and especially the rainbow cloud.

    1. My batch cooking at the moment usually ends up as cooking a big pot for tea. We eat one portion and freeze the rest. I had planned on spendig one afternoon this weekend making a couple of different dishes but it didn’t happen.

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