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Easter play dough invitation to create

March 22, 2017
Easter play dough

I set up this Easter play dough invitation to create for F. She loves play dough and will usually play with it for quite some time on each occasion. We had a wet and windy weekend trapped indoors so this was the perfect way to keep F happy.Easter play dough

We started by making a batch of play dough. I used a recipe from the imagination tree (Best ever no cook play dough) and it worked really well. Last time I made play dough it was harder to make (I remember stirring on the hob and having to add more flour than the recipe stated). I will be using this recipe again as it was simple and the result were good. The textures is exactly as you would expect. I do need some better food colouring though as this batched used a lot to get a colour I was happy with.Easter play dough

Once the play dough was ready to play with I added some play dough tools. I kept the tools simple. Just a simple rolling pin and some cutting tools. I also added an egg shaped cutter and chick one. To make Easter play dough I put a collection of Easter themed loose parts on a tray for her too. These included chicks, Pom poms and plastic eggs.Easter play dough

F loved it. She filled the eggs with chicks and play dough. She used the cutters to cut out chicks. Play dough houses were built for chickens and she just had lots of fun.Easter play dough

I love watching her play and seeing the ideas she comes up with. One thing I have noticed is that she likes to use everything I put out and sometimes will even fetch extra bit too. You can see in these photos how busy her tray became.Easter play dough

If your children enjoy play dough too, you might like to look through some of my other play dough posts. Or perhaps you need more Easter activities? If so have a look at my Pinterest Easter activities for children board.

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