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February 24, 2017

Thank you all for your messages of support last week. Unfortunately, this week has not been any better. On Saturday I woke to the news that my grandad had passed away in the night. I think we all realised he was getting frailer but we were still not prepared for it to be this week. Losing two relatives in 48 hours is hard. Despite this, I am still publishing a #littleloves post this week as even at the darkest times my girls never fail to make me smile. They’re what keep us going and feature heavily in this week’s little loves.


This week I received a competition prize I won on Instagram. It is two gorgeous children’s books about eggs or Easter and a set of Plan toys percussion eggs. I read the books to E while F was at nursery but now they are away for Easter.Easter children's books


I’ve said this every week for several weeks but E is so close to crawling now. This week she is moving small distances commando style but she’s getting better at lifting her bottom up too. She also managed to get up on all fours and rock backwards and forwards in her cot so we’ve lowered that this week.

F sat down crossed legged and said Namaste yesterday. They must be doing yoga at nursery so I put Cosmic kids on for her. She did two videos and clearly loved it.


I’ve not made as much progress on the blog as I had planned (understandably I know). I have made a blog header. It was just a really quick one. I like it but I am not sure whether it will be changed when I have more time or if I will keep it simple. Despite the bad timing for making the switch to self-hosted, I am glad I did it. It’s also good to have something to focus on.

Another thing I have been focusing on this week is restocking the freezer with finger foods for E. She loves being able to feed herself so I like to have a selection of finger food in the freezer. This week I have made:Potato and cauliflower bites

Blueberry and banana pancakes

broccoli and cauliflower fritters

toamato and chees scones

I also made a few arancini but only enough for one lunch as I won’t freeze rice. She has really enjoyed eating them and I have enjoyed cooking them.


Last Friday, F and I baked a delicious banana and chocolate chip banana bread. Yummy.Banana bread and ice cream


F has said a few funny things again this week.

Me: We use our nose for smelling.

F: and snot!

One morning both the girls were in our bed as my husband was leaving for work. He gave them both a kiss goodbye and F shouted at him “Don’t forget mummy’s kiss” which I thought was very sweet of her.

On Monday nursery told me how happy F had been that day and how she was running around singing 3 little speckled frogs. We had been a little concerned about the fact she had been around me and my family who were obviously upset all weekend. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to be affected by it.


I bought F this gorgeous rain coat on Monday. I’d admired it for a while and when M&S had 20% off on Monday I snapped it up. It got a lot of love on my Instagram account.

m&s girls yellow raincoat

And lastly….

As I write this my husband has been stuck in Manchester train station for 90 minutes due to the winds. We’ve also had power cuts and no water for an hour or so today. I’m really hoping the weather is better tomorrow. Have you been affected by the storms?

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  1. Oh I am so very sorry for you Loss. Sending you big hugs. The banana bread looks amazing. I may make some this weekend. Your blog is looking lovely! Have a lovely weekend xx #littlelove

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss… I can see why you still put together a Little Loves post. When things are tough / difficult etc, it is good to sit down and reflect upon the positives.

    The banana bread looks super yummy. I love the raincoat! And the snippets of conversation you’ve shared are just lovely.

    1. Thank you. Looking for the positives really does help. Thank you. I feel like my eldest is saying some particularly cute things lately.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s so difficult, it is amazing how much strength children so unknowingly offer.
    It sounds like you’ve had a productive week, I would love my freezer to be stocked with those foods! And that coat, does it come in my size? It’s gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. I wish it did come in our size. Children really do help. I know my mum found comfort in spending time with the girls last weekend.

  4. Oh Claire I’m so sorry about your grandad. What an awful time you’ve been having lately.

    That little jacket is absolutely gorgeous! Loving you new blog look, it looks fantastic already. Those arancini look better than the ones they make here in Malta and they’re a staple snack/meal here. I’ve been meaning to try and make my own for ages as the shop bought ones just don’t do it for me, although the kids are both fans. x

  5. I’m so sorry to hear your sad news. Sending love and positive thoughts. You have certainly made lots this week, all of it looks delicious! I LOVE that raincoat, gorgeous print! Have a good weekend xx

  6. OH I loved this yellow coat I was devastated they didn’t have any sizes left for my daughter. She would have been in love with it. Yellow is her all time favorite as much as it is mine. lol Looks like you have been busy in the kitchen. YUMMY! Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  7. That’s a beautiful coat, so bright and cheerful. Thank you for writing such a positive post this week, it’s good to show the sparkles of life in the darkest of days. Hope your husband got home safely, not a good time to travel with storm Doris, it was windy and a bit grim here but we were lucky.

  8. So sorry for your loss, lovely. How sad for you and your family. You did really well still joining in and finding the little loves.
    That coat is beautiful! E has the M&S plain yellow one from last year, but if this one is in her size I’ll definitely be buying it for her.
    In awe of all your cooking and baking! I wish I’d done more of that kind of thing when mine were little xx

  9. So sorry to hear about your losses, make sure that you are kind to yourself and give yourself time to let the emotions come to you.

    I adore that rain coat, I can’t wait until Piglet is a little bigger so that she can wear something similar.

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