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Growing up so fast, the x files and cake #littleloves

February 12, 2016

Happy Friday everyone. Another week has flown by for me anyway.


Instead of telling you how little I have read this week I am going to share with you a book I want to read. I saw this book (The mother book, curated by Molly Gunn) pop up in my instagram feed and though it sounded like a great read. I read my fair share of parenting “how to” books when pregnant last time and when my daughter was younger but not this time round. This book however is not meant to be “how to” but more of an inspiring show of solidarity. A collection of posts by many mums on different aspects of motherhood. I think I may have to drop some hints that I would like this book for mothers day.

THE MOTHER BOOK <br> Curated by Molly Gunn


This week saw the return of The X Files. I loved this show as a teenager and my husband was super excited for its return. I watched it with him but I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as back then. I’ll watch another episode and hopefully I’ll get more in to it. My husband is loving watching all the back episodes he’s found on sky but I’m quiet happy to leave him to it and get an early night!


I’ve been quiet busy in the kitchen this week. Last Friday I baked butterfly buns with the ladybird. She loved baking and eating them. We only had one small misshap where I turned my back to get something out of the cupboard and she threw a handful of icing sugar on the floor!


I’ve also make shepherds pie, home made pizza and of course pancakes (but forgot to photograph any of them).


Stripes! As I’ve started wearing more maternity wear and no longer fit in any of my normal clothes, I’ve started to realise just how much of the maternity wear on the market is striped!


The ladybird has said a few things this week that have made me realise how fast she is growing up. The first was when we were out walking at the weekend and as we walked past an ice cream van she declared that she would like an ice cream. It sounded so grown up. Usually she just tells us she likes something “I like cake” which usually means she wants cake. The other was just this evening when I noticed she’d spilt food on the sofa. After I’d told her that it wasn’t good to spill food on the sofa and gone off to get a cloth I heard her telling her daddy off for getting food everywhere! I had to hide my laughter!

And finally….

A good friend had her 2nd baby last night. His photo made me so broody, good job I’m pregnant! I can’t believe that will be me in 4 months (hopefully with out the emergency c-section though).

We’ve got another busy weekend with family coming up plus tomorrow I’m getting my hair done.  Hope you all have a great weekend. See you next week. LittleLoves

  1. Isn’t there so many stripes when you look at maternity wear? As if I don’t look big enough??
    The cakes look lovely, O only likes really plain cakes so we don’t get to do anything so fancy! xx

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