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July 2, 2015

This morning we picked and ate in the garden or first home grown strawberries. They were delicious. Even F thought so. She kept going back to the baskets, pointing to them and shout more.IMG_2100As I mentioned previously, this is our first proper garden. I would love to grow lots of fruit and veg in my garden, as well as flowers for cutting. This year we started small though. I’ve planted a red currant bush in the hope of fruit in a year or two, strawberries in two hanging baskets, some green beans and a mini herb garden, in a pot nearer the kitchen door.IMG_2105

IMG_2106Since I showed you the photos last week the strawberries have really turned red. I was showing them to F when she decided to pick one for herself! I let her eat this one and it was shortly followed by shouts of more. So I fetched her a bowl and we picked our first crop and ate them right there in the garden.IMG_2107

IMG_2109Since last weeks photos, my first (and I think only) iris has bloomed. Isn’t it beautiful? I planted three pots of them and was dreaming of cutting some to enjoy inside but the others are either very behind or just not growing well. Any tips of growing irises?IMG_2185

Linking up with Mammasaurus – How does your garden grow?

    1. That shows how much I know about gardening, I think I’d assumed they would flower this year! My mum helped me pick a few bulbs early spring to put in pots to get some instant colour this year! Oh well sounds like I’m lucky to have got any irises this year. I will be more patient with them.

  1. Homegrown strawberries are the best – few things are more satisfying to grow and eat in my opinion. I grew Iris for the first time this year. They are beautiful plants but the flowers didn’t last long at all. Perhaps they needed more water. Enjoy your strawberries 🙂

  2. You have more strawberries in your hanging basket than I do in my little patch! Mind you I should have put netting over mine. It’s so nice to pop out the garden and bring something in to eat isn’t it? I’ve been slicing mine over some granola and yoghurt 🙂
    Pretty iris you have there, I planted some bulbs very early in the New Year and our came up and few weeks back – so pretty but soon gone over. I must plant some more later this year ready for next Spring!
    Thanks for joining in 🙂

  3. We have homegrown strawberries too, such a delight going into the garden and finding them nestled under leave like jewels. We have red currants too and my son grabs handfuls of them every time he goes down the garden path.

  4. Lovely – it’s been a good year for strawberries I think – our garden too has been inundated with them – and there’s nothing better than eating a freshly picked strawberry, so she has the right idea 🙂 #hdygg

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