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Home life project April

April 3, 2017
home life project April

Our weekends seem to be either super busy or super slow. We never seem to have anything in between. Last week was a busy weekend seeing both mine and my husband’s family. This weekend we had no plans what so ever. This doesn’t happen often and if I’m honest I don’t really like weekends where we do nothing. We decided on a quiet day at home Saturday and then out for a half day adventure on Sunday. The weather on Sunday was lovely. Much like it was for last month’s home life project, only warmer.

Unfortunately, Saturday night was a particularly bad night for E our youngest, who is almost 10 months. I’m not sure I got 4 hours sleep. The last thing we felt like doing on Sunday was driving anywhere too far from home. I drew the short straw and had to get up with her at 6am! I mostly just played with her, fed her breakfast and got her dressed for the day. Our eldest didn’t wake until 8am at which point my husband got up too. E wanted an early milk feed and was down for her first nap by 8:30am so I decided to try and get a little more sleep.

home life April

Unfortunately, F had other ideas and brought me a “gift”. I’d left my washi tape collection on the coffee table from the night before and this is what she’d done with some of them. Others had been used to bandage a poorly cow!

She then decided to climb into bed with me so I gave up on getting any more sleep today.

home life April

By the time we’d got motivated and were ready to think about going out it was 10:30 and since E has lunch around 11:30 we decided to go out straight after lunch. We decided to use the morning to take the cover off the play house for the spring/summer. Excuse the grass, it needs cutting but is quite muddy in places still. F got all her toys out (she’d not seen them since October). E sat in the play tent and was fascinated by grass for a few minutes before attempting to crawl off (the grass was too damp to allow her).

home life April
home life April

As I was making lunch, F kept picking me daisies and bringing them to the kitchen door.

home life April
After lunch, we cleaned up and got ready to go out. I took E upstairs for her milk feed before we went out and as usual, she fell asleep. In the meantime, F had fallen asleep on the sofa! Since E usually only naps for 30 minutes, I left her on our bed where she’d fallen asleep and continued to start my new bullet journal.

Both girls were obviously tired and so it was gone 3 by the time they woke. It was too late to go where we’d originally planned. As a consequence of being so tired and also not leaving the house/garden since Friday morning, I was fairly grumpy. I knew though, that as much as I didn’t want to just go to a local park, I would feel better for getting out. I’m so glad we did make the effort. We were only there an hour but the weather was lovely and as I predicted I felt more positive for making the effort.
home life April

home life April
home life April

Then it was home for dinner, bath and bed.

home life April

Home Life Photography Project

  1. I too get grumpy if I feel too housebound. Thankfully most of our weekends are spent out the house as they are the only proper time we get with our little man. I love the mural you’ve captured.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! Sunshine helps too. I love the mural too although it’s a shame it has graffiti on it.

  2. I am starting to get a little grumpier if I don’t get out, especially now the weather is nice. I have always liked being at home.
    What an amazing looking park though xxx

  3. I totally understand this, we often think a slow day at home will be good but by the end we are a bit grumpy, just getting out , even if its just to the park does everyone the world of good. x

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