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Living arrows 14/52

April 6, 2014

IMG_8898Yesterday we had a joint first birthday party for all 8 of the babies from my postnatal group. I feel so lucky to have met this group of mums and stayed in contact so much after our 4 weeks of nhs classes. We continued to meet up most Mondays until very recently when the majority were back at work (I’m the last one to go back in May). We still stay in touch and go out for meals (leaving the babies with their dads) every couple of months and I hope these new friendships last for many years to come. Yesterday we gathered together (and introduced all the dads to each other for the first time) to celebrate our babies turning one. There was soft play, finger food (which was practically messy play) and pass the parcel. Much fun was had by all and we all left shattered and ready for naps (not just the babies!). I still can’t believe my baby is one in three weeks.

IMG_8929 IMG_8842 IMG_8826 IMG_8813 IMG_8984


  1. Great photos. So adventures at such a young age that’s fab. I can’t help but notice her tights LOVE THEM!!! Where did you get them. Her whole outfit is adorable as is she!!! #livingarrows

    1. I love colour so this soft play area was heaven for me. I have some gorgeous photos of some of the babies crawling through these rings, big, beautiful smiles too. The ball pool was really quite deep, we had a parent in there most of the time to pull them up if they started to sink!

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