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Living arrows 21/52

May 26, 2014

IMG_0199This weeks photo is a very simple one. Poppet is at that stage that all babies go through where she is fascinated by the washing machine. She has been for a while but this is the first time I have had my camera on hand and managed to get a good photo. I couldn’t decide between the two photos so have included them both.IMG_0196


  1. My son loves to stay beside the washing machine too when its on! My washing machine is those who gave the whole house earthquake and he just wont stop laughing at it when its doing its whirring sound =) #Livingarrows

  2. Aww! Does she try to climb in when it’s open? Elma has a habit of bringing me things to the washing machine so I have to be a little careful about checking it’s truly empty before I put the next load in!

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