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January 13, 2014

IMG_7720Last week I gave my baby Yorkshire puddings for the first time and she loved them. Don’t tell anyone but I’m originally from Yorkshire and this is the first time I’ve made Yorkshire puddings. Unless you count the time I attempted to make toad in the hole in a ceramic dish but the less said about that the better (I was a student and we didn’t have anything else more suitable).

We’ve been weaning her since October, more the traditional route than baby led but we have been giving her finger foods. She getting better with finger food (eating more of it, as well as handling it better) and I felt it was time I tried her with more interesting foods and I’m also trying to stop making separate dishes just for her.

Last Tuesday I made roast chicken, roast vegetables and Yorkshire puddings. I roughly blended some of the meat and vegetables and gave her the Yorkshire puddings and a bit of everything else as finger foods too. She ate plenty of the food we spoon fed her and then tried all the finger foods but the Yorkshire pudding was a clear favorite. She loved tearing it apart as well as getting lots in her mouth and chewing it expertly.

Excuse the bib, we got her this one to wear on Christmas day and I refuse to throw it out so she is wearing it still (I wash them that often that it’s nice to have an extra one). I just should have thought about which bib to put her in but the photos were not planned!

  1. Yorkshire puddings are one of my daughters favourites, she eats them with most meals! Having a husband who is a chef means that i have never attempted to make homemade Yorkshire puddings either! His are to good.

    1. My mum makes Aunt Bessie’s too. I don’t mind the from batter ones but the ones that are already made taste like card board to me. They were easy to make but I don’t know how often I will make them.

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