#mycolourfulkids favourites week 1

March 18, 2017

What a colourful week it’s been. Thank you to everyone who has used the hashtag #mycolourfulkids this week. It looks like I was right in thinking I’m not the only one who loves colour. As I write this there are 54 images using #mycolourfulkids and they are not all mine! I have loved looking at and commenting on every photo that has joined it. Please continue to tag your colourful kid’s photos with the tag.

It was not easy to pick just 9 photos to feature this week. I wanted to feature them all but in the end, I settled on these 9. Thank you to everyone who joined me and I hope you will join me again soon.

dancingdandelionsblog * sprogonthetyne * thriftymum

butcherbakerbaby * littleowlski * mummyonabudget

mygirlsmake *thommcox *dilan_andme

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