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Our afternoon at forest school

November 14, 2016

I don’t know where I first heard about forest schools but I’ve wanted to take my eldest along to one ever since. Unfortunately, our nearest one  has their preschool session on the day my daughter is in nursery. Last weekend they had a drop in session for all the family so we all went along.

Predictably the weather was not fantastic. The day before was a gorgeous sunny day. On the morning of the open day it rained all morning but the forecast promised a dry afternoon. Now I know there is no such weather as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing but with a 5 month old to think about (who due to the nature of the site would need to be in a carrier and therefore exposed to the weather) we decided to go after lunch. Fortunately the weather was dry and the tiny ladybird was lovely and snug on daddy’s chest without worrying about her getting soaked.

We went prepared in waterproofs, woolly hats and wellies (our eldest thankfully still fits in last years all in one, fleece lined, waterproof). The site was very muddy!

We started by exploring the natural and rope play area.


The ladybird even went down this natural (but very muddy) slide. Just the once though. She always starts off reluctant to get messy but soon warms up and gains her confidence.


We took a bit of a walk further in to the woods but when it started to get too steep we had to turn back for fear of slipping in the mud (especially my husband who was wearing the tiny one).20161112_134636.jpg

At the main shelter which had a useful tarpollen shelter, we met the staff and enjoyed refreshments and weaving.

The staff are well trained and used to dealing with children. They help our eldest safely toast marshmallows on the camp fire and made her a hot chocolate.2016-11-12_04-25-37.jpg

Then they taught us how to weave this god’s eyes.


All too soon it was time for us to head back to the car. Once we were home, dry and clean, the ladybird couldn’t stop talking about mud kitchens and camp fires. I think it’s clear to see she enjoyed our afternoon at forest school. I think we will try to incorporate ideas from forest school in to our children’s childhood a little bit more. Last week, I discovered Seasons School (from the creator of Nurture Store, another great resource for parents) which will help with this. Seasons school is a free website and facebook page with lots of ideas for learning and living seasonally with children. We printed out their autumn leaf printable last week and enjoyed painting them together.


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  1. Love the photos – she looks like she is loving it! Toasting marshmallows over a proper fire is something I’ve never done! Our boys go to a school that is both a forest school and a beach school which is lovely #whatevertheweather

  2. I love the idea of forest school and am very keen to do things like this with Finn when he’s abit older. Looks like you all had so much fun! It’s amazing how quickly children get their confidence when outside and enjoying themselves 🙂 #whatevertheweather

  3. It’s fab that you all enjoyed your first forest school experience, you can see by The Ladybird’s face how much fun she had. It’s fab that the staff were helpful and good with kids, it can be tough if you’re doing things like this and the teachers can be brusque. Toasting Marshmallows, mud kitchen’s and nature slide’s really do sound like a fab way to spend the day exploring the outdoors.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  4. Our daughters school has a forest school, but it is on one of the days that she doesnt go so she misses it and I’d really love for her to go as it sounds amazing 🙁 I had no idea that you could independently go to forest schools and would definitely love to so will be checking whether we have any local to us that we could go to after reading your review 🙂 It looks like you had a great day despite the inclemental weather! Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  5. What a great recommendation! We’ve love to do a forest school and learn out in the wild! We’ve done a couple of festival ‘wild’ sessions but nothing like this. #WhatevertheWeather #CountryKids

  6. Forest Schools are such good ideas aren’t they? My Little Mister went to a party at a Forest School and they had the best of times, like you they were roasting marshmallows in the fires and just exploring their world around them. One of the best parties he’s had all year, I think!

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