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Painting snow

January 18, 2017

We woke up to snow last Friday. Not enough to cause disruption but more than a sprinkle.

Being 3, F was very excited to go out in the snow. However E (7 months) was not keen on napping so I didn’t get chance to play in the snow with F. Instead I let her play in our back garden while myself and E watched through the window. Bless her, she lasted 30 minutes before coming in saying she was too cold.

By Saturday morning, the snow was melting fast. Building a snowman or going sledging were no longer an option but I was determined to get outside and have some fun with F. That’s when I remembered an idea I saw for painting snow (no doubt seen on instagram or another blog). This was perfect as it didn’t require much snow.

I grabbed an old washing up bowl and filled it with snow that was sat on the car. I added 3 small pots of paint and some painting brushes. Then I took F outside with the bowl and let her paint.Painting snow

At first she painted the snow and we talked a little about colour mixing.Painting snow

Soon she wandered off. At first I thought she had lost interest but she’d actually gone to collect some conkers left over from autumn play. She added these to the snow and painted them too.Painting snow

Next she discovered that the snow in her footprints from the previous day had turned to ice. We carefully extracted some and she painted these too.Painting snowPainting snow

This was a simple to set up activity that F really enjoyed. I particularly love how she took a simple activity and added to it herself. I can see her requesting painting snow next time too.

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Painting snow

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  1. What a great idea – and perfect for a snow activity when there really isn’t much snow around! I love that your little one added in some nature treasures too. Thanks for linking up with #NaturallyCrafty 🙂

    1. If we ever have snow here and guests staying I’m so doing this, along with snow angles, snow ball fights and snow men making, all the things I’ve longed to try. One day! I think F did really well to last half an hour, I bet her fingers were so cold!

      Thank you for linking to #CountryKids

  2. We LOVE snow painting, one of our favourite snow activities! This years first go at it will be on Country Kids soon 🙂 I haven’t done it like this before, but love the idea of containing it like this x #countrykids

  3. I love this – what a brilliant and simple idea for a winter outdoor activity. If we get any more snow this year I am definitely going to do this with my girls. Looks like F was having a wonderful time 🙂 #countrykids

  4. such a good idea I would never have thought of it.
    I just need some snow, we’ve had none for five years!
    I’ll get the paintbrushes out when we do get some it would be fun to paint a snowman!

  5. Lucky you to get so much snow. My children were desperate for snow but we got very little.
    It’s funny how they can’t wait to get into the snow but don’t realise just how cold it is! But what a lovely little activity to do and she looks totally absorbed in it. Great idea.

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