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Pregnancy update – 39 weeks

April 18, 2013

39weeksI’m sure you’re as surprised as I am that I am writing an update only 2 weeks after the last. Since my last update it was discovered at my 38 week midwife appointment that my blood pressure had gone up a bit. This led to me spending the afternoon on the maternity ward having bloods taken, blood pressure monitoring every 5 minutes for 1 hour and the baby’s heart rate being monitored too. My blood pressure came down, baby was showing no signs of distress and my blood results were ok so thankfully I was discharged after a couple of hours. I had to return yesterday to have my blood pressure re-checked. It was meant to be a quick appointment as it was assumed that the initial high reading at the midwife appointment was not a true reflection of my normal blood pressure. Unfortunately though my readings started high again and so the process of bloods and monitoring me and baby started all over again. I was seen by a doctor who diagnosed me with pregnancy induced high blood pressure but as it is only mild/my bloods are again ok/baby not distressed I was sent home with no need for medication but I have been informed of the signs of pre-eclampsia and told to phone if I feel unwell or think baby is not moving as much. I also have to go back on monday for more blood pressure monitoring (in case it goes any higher). It’s good that they are keeping a close eye on me and on the positive side my blood pressure could have gone up a lot earlier but I do feel that it is making me anxious for my baby to arrive safely. I feel like I am constantly focusing on how much it is moving etc.

I have been having more Braxton hicks contractions, they were on and off all day yesterday and I have had some today but not as many by a long way. Hopefully this is a good sign that things are moving in the right direction but I’m still trying to prepare myself for going overdue. Before the high blood pressure was picked up they had said they would let me go 12 days overdue before inducing but perhaps now they won’t let me go as long. My family constantly keep asking if I have any signs and I’m not sure that I will be able to keep calm and not snap at them if it continues daily for the next 2 and a bit weeks! I know they are just excited to meet the baby and also as concerned as I am about my blood pressure etc but it does get a bit annoying when I am trying to stay positive and calm. Last weekend my friend who was due a few days before me had her beautiful baby boy so I think this has only increased everyone’s excitement for our baby to makes it appearance too. I keep telling them babies come when they are ready!

This post is starting to sound a bit too much like I am fed up but I’m not (most of the time). I’m just excited to meet my little one and start my new life as a mum. My husband is a fantastic support when I do get fed up or worried and our families are great too. Last week my mum and sister came down for the day, helped me with a few jobs, my sister (a beauty therapist) gave me a pedicure and they took me out for lunch. This week my sister-in-law came down for the day with my 3 year old nephew and we had a lovely day just relaxing and visiting the local park.

I still enjoy feeling the baby kick me (although sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable now it is running out of room). It has what my husband has named ‘a mad half hour’ every night without fail (it gets very active and we can see a little foot moving across my bump or pushing outwards). It is usually just as I am about to head off to bed, I don’t mind so much (although I have told my husband once it’s here if it’s as nocturnal as he is I will feed it and then head off to bed leaving it with him until the next feed or he comes to bed). I enjoy the time each night feeling it being active and watching my husband talk to it and feel it move for himself. I think this is the bit of pregnancy I will miss but I am sure having a baby will more than make up for it.

I’ve also been doing some more crafting for the nursery these last few weeks. I’ve almost finished a hot air balloon mobile and a couple of embroidery hoop pictures. I’ve also crocheted a stuffed bear. I hope to finish these all in the next few days and then I will share pictures with you. The only other thing left to do in the nursery is order some stickers to make the magnolia walls more interesting and finish these last few crafts. If the baby arrives before these last few bits are done though it is not the end of the world as it will be in our room at first anyway. So the nursery is almost finished, the baby clothes are washed, my hospital bag is packed and I am more than ready to meet this little one. Let’s hope this baby arrives soon.

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