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Seaside themed play dough

September 7, 2015

It might feel like summer is over but we are still using sea shells in our play. As I mentioned in my holiday post the ladybird loved collecting beach “treasure”. I brought some of the shells home with us to use in our play. The first activity that came to mind where we could use them was play dough.IMG_2558IMG_2936I made a batch of homemade play dough earlier this year and it’s still great for playing with. I store it in a sealed sandwich bag in the garage. All it needs when we get it out is a few seconds of kneading and it’s good to go. One afternoon, whilst the ladybird was having her afternoon nap, I set up a very quick invitation to play for her.IMG_2582In the wooden tray I put some shells, a plastic boat and a selection of play dough tools. I keep adding to our tool collection but my favorites are our patterned rolling pins.IMG_2573She really enjoyed playing with the play dough. The ladybird seemed to really like the new plastic rotary cutters I’d added to the collection. She played happily for some time, rolling cutting and putting shells in to the play dough. We’ve done this activity again a couple of times and its always a hit.IMG_2933Soon we will be able to start collecting autumn treasures to combine with play dough. I’m thinking acorns, conkers, sticks, pine cones and leaves. Hopefully I will be back to share that with you soon.

  1. Great idea. We always have a stash of shells in the house, though for some reason, my children didn’t collect any on our holiday this year. Adding shells and bits to play dough really inspires more creativity to play.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Oh that does look like fun! Have you tried using salt dough yet? I had a lot of fun with Kitty a couple of years back making imprints with shells into balls of salt dough, baking them and then painting them with glitter – they were a dressing up necklace staple for quite a while!

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