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The bump diaries – week 13

February 10, 2016

I’m a bit behind with publishing these updates. I am currently 22 weeks but here is my 13 week update.IMG_4467

I had my 12 week scan two days ago and they moved my due date forward by 3 days so I’ve turned 13 weeks earlier than I expected! The scan went really well. The baby was lying in the perfect position for the sonographer to do all the measurements and she said everything looked perfect. We had to take the ladybird with us to the hospital as we had no one to look after her. She fell asleep on the way there and woke up towards the end of the scan. She still doesn’t really understand which I think is normal at 2 and a half. We’ve told her there is a baby in my tummy but she soon forgets and if you ask her what’s in mummy’s tummy? the answer is usually chicken!

After the scan we had a consultant appointment to discuss being “high risk” and what this means for my care. The consultant wasn’t in and I saw one of the registrars (I’d seen this one last time too). She explained that even though I had late onset, mild high blood pressure in my last pregnancy, that did not need medication, she felt it was best if I took low dose aspirin from now up until 38 weeks. There is some evidence that low dose aspirin reduces the risk of some women developing pre-eclampsia. I also have to see a consultant again at 30 and 34 weeks. My blood pressure didn’t start to rise last time until nearer 38 weeks so I suspect I may end up with another appoinment later on. If my blood pressure does not rise by 38 weeks I have to stop aspirin (she never said what to do if it does but I suspect I will be back to seeing doctors again at that point if it did) as it could increase my chances of bleeding after delivery if I have taken it too near.

She then went on to discuss my other high risk issue of post partum haemorrage (PPH). I knew I had a bleed but I thought it was due to two tears and not PPH. No one at the time told be I was borderline for requiring a blood transfusion. This time I am to have active managment of the third stage which means having an injection to make my uterus contract as soon as the baby is born. This is meant to reduce the risk of PPH. Overall I left the appointment a bit more anxious than when I went in really. The midwife at my booking hadn’t thought the consultant would be too concerned about my blood pressure and never actually used the term PPH (I’m assuming she thought I knew I’d had this last time).

I still feel really nauseus in the evenings but at least it is better in the day time. I’m also still being sick in the evening and going to bed very early. Hopefully this will all start to improve soon and we are just so grateful our baby is growing so well.

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  1. Hi, I didn’t know about aspirin helping with PE for some women, very interesting. And I love that the ladybird thinks you have a chicken in your tummy, too cute! X

  2. Yikes, that would be a worrying appointment. The good news is the doctor’s are on top of the situation & they have a plan. They are prepared & that’s what counts. I’m so glad baby is doing well. I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk

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