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The bump diary – 39 weeks

June 8, 2016


I’ve been pretty rubbish at writing regular pregnancy updates but I guess it’s better late than never. Although I have been including some updates in my Friday little loves posts.

The first 20 weeks were very similar to my pregnancy with the ladybird in that I suffered with nausea, extreme tiredness and vomiting right up to 20 weeks. I have defintely been sick more with this pregnancy. Most of the time it was just in an evening and only once or twice a week. However some weeks it was every evening without fail. Thankfully around 20 weeks my energy returned, the nausea dissappeared and I haven’t been sick since.

I’ve suffered with some mild SPD since around 20 weeks which never happened with my first pregnancy.  It could have been a lot worse though. I’ve used a pregnancy pillow at night which has helped  bit. During the day I’ve found it a lot better since I finished work and have generally been taking it easier (a lot less walking around).

As I mentioned in my 13 week update, I was put on aspirin to try and reduce my chance of developing pre-eclamsia as I was at risk due to high blood pressure towards the end of my first pregnancy. I stopped the aspirin at 37 weeks and so far my blood pressure is normal so fingers crossed the aspirin has done it’s job.  I’ve  been having monthly consultant appointments since 30 weeks and at 34 weeks they recommended weekly midwife appointment to keep an eye on my blood pressure.


I’ve had strong braxton hicks contractions on and off for the last couple of weeks. They were particularly bad in the early hours of Thursday morning. I had a consultant appointment that afternoon so mentioned them along with the fact that despite having no further pains since 7am, I felt the baby was not as active as usual that day. The doctor recommended I was monitored for 30 minutes (a CTG, which monitors the baby’s heart rate and uterus contractions). Whilst I was having the CTG obviously the baby decided to start moving around lots but strangely my braxton hicks started again (strong and very frequent), the midwife even seemed to think they might be real contractions. They were happy with the baby’s heart rate throughout but decided an internal examination was a good idea in view of the “contractions”. I was found to be 1-2 cm dilated and almost fully effaced. However the midwife pointed out this could simply be down to this being my second pregnancy so I may have been the same last week. Even so when she said she wouldn’t be surprised if I was back in before the weekend I admit I got my hopes up a little. The braxton hicks continued that afternoon/evening but I’ve barely had any since Thursday. I lost my plug Friday evening and again got my hopes up a little but nothing so I suspect it was just dislodged during the examination.

Plans are in place in my maternity notes to reduce my risk of having another postpartum haemorrhage so I’m hoping that the end of this pregnancy and labour might be more straight than my first.

I’m eager to meet this baby now but I feel like I am doing quiet well for this far on in pregnancy. I have back pain some evenings but not every day. My pelvis pain seems to be getting more frequent but thankfully not more painful. I’m finding the heat hard and suffering from insomnia some nights. Partly due to the insomnia, I’m starting to feel more tired and I was grateful for my husband getting up with the ladybird Saturday and Sunday morning. Hopefully this baby won’t be too late (I was just 5 days overdue with te ladybird) but I’m trying to prepare myself for the possibility!




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