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The bump diary – 4 weeks

December 20, 2015

A couple of weeks back I announced we are expecting our second child in June 2016. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant but I have saved in draft a few posts from early on and will now share them with you.

We’d only been trying for baby number 2 for a few months, so we were very pleasantly surprised when we found out we were pregnant. The ladybird took over 6 months which I now know is very normal but at the time we were not expecting it to take that long. This time we were more prepared and so I think we were a little shocked that it happened so soon.

One thing I’ve learnt both times we’ve been trying to conceive, is that the length of my cycle will never fail to surprise me. One month its 28 days, the next 35 days. So I wasn’t that surprised when I thought my period had started on day 27. We were a little disappointed but equally not that surprised. However when the bleeding did not increase and in fact disappeared within 18 hours I started to wonder if it could have been implantation bleeding. Sure enough 48 hours late I took a home pregnancy test and got a lovely positive result.

It’s still very early and so far apart from some cramps most days (fairly mild) I don’t really feel pregnant. After the initial news had sunk in, I actually started to feel a bit fed up about the prospect of feeling rubbish for the next 9 months. Don’t get me wrong I really want another baby, it’s just that I don’t have that fond memories of pregnancy last time round. I know I could have had it a lot worse but I felt nauseous until almost 20 weeks. Was sick, infrequently but from about week 16 right up until the end. I remember having days off work feeling dizzy in the middle too. Then in my last month I had raised blood pressure, abnormal blood results and many trips to antenatal clinic/ward for monitoring and I even saw a few doctors, including a consultant. The water birth I would have like never happened as I spent my entire labour hooked up to monitors and I ended up on iron tablets and having to go to theatre straight after the ladybird was born for stitches. I hated leaving my baby so soon after she was born and missing those first few hours of her life. Don’t get me wrong I know it could have all be a lot worse and I am more than happy with the little girl I have now but I think I started to dread this pregnancy a little bit once the news settled in.

I’ve decided to try not to worry about the things I can’t change. This pregnancy could be completely different to my last one or it could be very similar. Worrying about it won’t change that so I have decided to try to be positive and do what I can to have a healthy pregnancy. I decided to make the most of this period before the morning sickness/tiredness kicks in. I’ve cooked up a few big batches of nutritious meals that we can defrost and cook quickly and stocked up on healthy snacks. I’ve been listening to my body and going to bed early (since I’m waking around 5 needing the toilet and then struggling to get back to sleep). I’m trying to get some exercise each day too, mostly walking but I’m hoping to take the ladybird swimming at least every other week and I’d like to do pregnancy yoga again.

I rang my doctor’s surgery who have booked me in for my first midwife appointment next week (on my birthday in fact). It feels a little early to see a midwife but the receptionist didn’t seem to care. My due date is around the middle of next June. I still can’t quiet believe it!

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