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The bump diary – 5 & 6 weeks

December 29, 2015

I turned 5 weeks on my birthday and this was the day I had my first midwife appointment. It should have been an exciting time but instead I was so nervous and emotional. I’d been awake a lot of the night with the worst stomack cramps I’d had to date and I had some red spotting too. Due to a mixture of hormones and tiredness, I panicked. I told the midwife hoping she would reassure me but instead she took my concerns seriously and tried to get me an early scan. My local early pregnancy unit however do not scan women until they are at least 6 weeks so I was sent home with an appointment for the following week and instructions to go to A&E if the pains became one sided or the bleeding increased.  Fortunatley neither happened. I had no more bleeding and the cramps reduced considerably.

We told both sets of parents and our sisters this weekend too. We failed to mention the scan coming up at 6 weeks or the bleeding as we did not want to worry them but equally knew that if anything did go wrong with this pregnancy we wouldn’t be able to hide it from them. They were all so pleased and excited for us and it was lovely being surrounded by so much love for this baby. I’ve felt a little more tired this week but I’ve also been really busy in work and out so it’s hard to know if the tiredness is a symptom. I noticed some nausea whilst traveling a couple of days before I turned 6 weeks but not much. The following day though the nausea was constant from the minute I got up until the minute I went to bed. I remember this well from my first pregnancy!

The following day I turned 6 weeks. I dropped my daughter at nursery a little early and headed to the hospital for my early scan and booking appointment. I was nervous but we had also prepared ourselves for the possibility that it was too early to see a heart beat. As I sat in the waiting room fortunately I got chatting to another lady in the same position. It took my mind of the wait. The only sad thing is I never found out how she had got on. I hope she got a happy ending too.

The couple who had a scan just before me came out completly over the moon and soon I was called through. The sonographer explained before hand that a 6 weeks it was possibly too early to see anything and then tried an external scan. She soon found a sac but could not see anything in it. I was sent to empty my bladder and when I came back she did an internal scan and straight away we spotted a tiny little foetus with a regular beating heart. I cried a few tears of relief as I stared at the screen in amazement. I’d not had a scan this early before so it was a bit surreal seeing this tiny bean with a little flashing center and knowing that its actually the size of a tiny seed but still a baby growing as it should be inside me. The sonographer dated it as 5 weeks 5 days and congratulated me several times.

I had my booking in appointment next. I met a student midwife who is in her third year and looking for women to follow through their entire pregnancy. I agreed to let her follow me which means she will attend all my midwife appointments and hopefully be at the birth. Due to my blood pressure problems in my previous pregnancy I have been put under the care of a consultant although the midwife seems to think it will change very little of my care. A consultant appointment has been booked along with my 12 week scan. They did the usual blood tests, blood pressure, urine tests etc and then I went in to work. It felt strange to go back to hiding this pregnacy again especially as I was still feeling constantly nauseus.

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