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The bump diary – week 12

January 13, 2016

Sorry there has not been a post between week 7 and 12 but honestly all the weeks have blurred in to one. I’ve been feeling nauseus from the moment I wake until I give in and go to bed when it all gets too much (anything from 6:30pm onwards). The evenings seem to be the worst and I am often sick after my evening meal. Since week 7 I have not been sick at any other time of day. I guess this has made working a little easier. I’m still exhausted. My husband is being fantastic and doing all the cooking and cleaning he can. My days off with the toddler have not been any easier than my working days really and we are doing a lot less than we used to (far to much cbeebies watching).

Now I’m 12 weeks and a couple of days off my scan I am starting to get some energy back. I don’t sleep great anymore so I guess I’m always going to have some tireness until that resolves. Day time nausea has reduced significantly this last week but severe nausea is still returning around 5:30pm from when on it builds, until either I am sick or I give up and go to bed. I’m still going to bed when my toddler does (some times before) around 7:30pm. The sickness seems to be peaking. I’ve gone from being sick a few nights a week to being sick near enough every night for the past week. Then the day I turned 12 weeks I only had very mild nausea in the evening and managed to stay up until 9pm! Hopefully this is the start of some improvement. I can’t believe the scan is only a couple of days off, it’s always felt so far away.

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