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The first half term in reception

October 23, 2017
The first term of reception

Where have the last 7 weeks gone? F has finished her first half term in reception. I’m so proud of her in many ways as not once has she said she didn’t want to go to school.  She’s not as keen on the after-school club but she only goes once a week.

The first term of reception

She’s learning so much already. Her confidence with numbers is increasing and she can recognise a lot of letters. She loves the Jolly phonics songs and is always singing one of them. She loves p.e. and library book days. She changes her books twice a week. One library book and one reading book. She recognises lots of letters but is not ready for blending them together yet.

We attended her first parents evening last week. We learnt that she is getting used to the school routine and what is expected of her. She struggles to concentrate for long but this is improving and can be seen in her drawings that are increasingly detailed. She is sociable and has lots of friends.

The first term of reception

F isn’t the only one new to school and learning. Here’s what I’ve learnt in my first half term as a school mum:

  • I’ve learnt to sort all our bags out the night before. Mornings can be chaotic and having all three of our bags ready the night before is a massive help.
  • Expect themed none uniform days. We’ve had two, the first one was in her second week! The first was book themed fancy dressed and the second was on the last day of term, colourful clothes for their Diwali party.

The first term of reception

  • I’ve had to get used to knowing very little about what F does each day. At nursery, you get used to being told if they’ve eaten and what they have been doing all day. Our nursery also had an online book where they recorded achievements and share photos. At school, the teachers obviously do not have time to share this information. F is not one to tell us much about what she has been doing each day either.
  • Phonics, I feel like we are learning phonics as much as F. She loves the Jolly phonics songs, in fact, E (16 months) enjoys dancing along to them too. I can see the benefits of phonics but I’m not sure why 4-year-olds have to learn terms like “phoneme” and “grapheme” etc.
  • I’ve learnt to expect lots of random emails from school but that we never get very much notice (not great as a working mum so I have to accept I can’t do everything).
  • That 6 sets of uniform are about right for us. I don’t keep up with washing and ironing as much at the beginning of the week when I’m working. The spare set (that school insists she takes each day) doesn’t get that much use, mostly just the cardigan.
  • That it was worth spending time labelling her uniform. She has come home with other peoples cardigans on more than one occasion. She even came home in someone else’s shoes once. They were the same design but 2 sizes smaller!
  • That as soon as I pick F up from school she will declare she is hungry. Some nights we can’t fill her at all.
  • That F needs plenty of sleep. We do our best to get her to bed as early as possible but she still gets more tired as the week goes on.

Next week she will start her second half term and I hope it goes just as well. I can’t wait to see how much she learns in the next 8 weeks.

  1. My eldest starts school next year and I know I’m going to find it really hard. I’ll definitely have to get used to labelling everything and not knowing as much about his day as I do now.

    1. I know! Someone described it to me as being their PA! Sometimes it feels like that. School, swimming, parties etc never ending.

  2. That first half-term is a steep learning curve for us as well as our children I think! My youngest has just started at school and I can’t get over how much stuff they are sent home with and then there are the emails, and text messages. Argh. You do get used to it though!

  3. Ahh tell me about it! The first half term has gone by so fast for us here too! Carly gets so tired and hungry too. It’s lovely to see how much they learn though, isn’t it!

  4. The first half term has gone by so quickly, hasn’t it and lovely to read she’s settling in well.
    My children are in two different schools and one is great at home-school communication, the other is awful!
    Hope the next half term and run-up to Christmas goes well 😀

  5. What a grown up girly! I’m dreading phonics- I never even heard that word until family members started school recently. It wasn’t something we learnt when I was in school so I’ve no idea how I’ll help haha! Glad she’s settling in well x

  6. I think that first half term is a bigger for the parents than the child! All the text messages, emails and letters its never ending. There is always something going on that you need to be aware of. And yes they are always hungry, this doesn’t change!

  7. Labeling every item of clothing is the best thing you can do! My son came home in another kids shoes once (before I knew to label the insides of shoes too) and they were two sizes too small. It took me awhile to figure out what had happened! That’s fab she is adjusting so well & is confident going to school x

  8. Can definitely second the need to pack the bag the night before! I always make sure I do this as soon as we get home so I don’t need to worry about it in the morning. So glad F is enjoying her time in reception, what a clever girl. You must have been so proud during parents evening. Hope the next half term goes just as well.

  9. I wrote a similar post to this, it is such a learning curve for everyone isn’t it. I thought I would be prepared for it all as Meme has been in school for the last couple of years but I wasn’t – Harri is such a different child it really is like starting all over again.

  10. That sounds like a wonderful start for F. The whole food thing after school hasn’t improved for Monkey moving into year1. Although at least now I remember to put a snack in the car for pick up. Can totally relate to the lack of notice as well! x

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