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Valentine’s day for babies

February 14, 2014

I know it’s a bit late but I thought I would share some ideas for valentine’s day with a baby.

IMG_8202Yesterday at play group we made these super sweet but most importantly super simple valentines cards. We used paint pads to do hand and foot prints on to white paper hearts (which had been cut before the session). We then used glue sticks to stick the hearts to pink or red card and decorated them further with felt tip pens and foam hearts. I really enjoyed making these and I hope my husband will love it when he sees them tonight. We’ve been going to this particular toddler group for about a month now and the crafts are usually unsuitable for the babies so it was lovely to be able to join in this week. I’ve been meaning to do hand and foot prints for some time now as well. This would work well for babies of any age, just make sure you have a supply of baby wipes handy. A second person to help you is also beneficial especially for feet.

red treasure basketThis morning I set up a simple red treasure basket using lots of red toys and some red items I could find around the house. I have a lot of red in my kitchen so I included a whisk, spatula, measuring spoons and my keys are on a red ribbon so I included these. There were also toys such as a red ball, red piece of fabric from a toy, stacking cup, fabric stacking cube with a red textured side, a red lid from a set of foam bath letters and finally her happy apple toy which makes a lovely noise.

IMG_7927She sat for some time, happily taking items out of the basket and examining them before moving on to another item. Of course some of them went straight to her mouth. I used my judgement and removed the ones I was not happy with her chewing (keys fo example). Treasure baskets are lovely for babies to explore and themed ones can be so much fun. They are really simple to put together so you can put one together when you have time. As with all activities that use items that are not toys or not designed to be played with by babies, use your judgement and supervise your baby at all times.

IMG_7937Of course we have been reading some valentines related books as well. We’ve been enjoying guess how much I love you, (read what we thought of it here) a kiss like this and Babylit’s Romeo and Juliet this week.

IMG_8207Not strictly speaking an activity for babies but this morning I used her nap time to make some chocolates for my husband. These were really simple to make and older children could be involved with decorating them.

IMG_8194IMG_8200I started by melting some dark chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. I then poured the chocolate in to this heart shaped silicone mold (the round ones are silicone cupcake cases as I had too much chocolate for the mold) and finally decorated them with dried fruits and pistachio nuts. There are many options for decorating your chocolates other than dried fruit and nuts. You could use any number of the cake decorating sprinkles that you can pick up in all supermarkets or perhaps add a different type of chocolate on top of the first layer once it is set.IMG_8212The Diary of a Frugal Family

  1. Oh I love this post so much! The little footprints are lovely- wish I’d done them with all 3! Where did you get your Romeo and Juliet? We have one of those KiddiLit books- Alice in Wonderland- but I’ve never seen Shakespeare before!

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