Slowing down, preparing for baby and cooking #littleloves

I missed last week’s #littleloves as I’d had one of those weeks where I just didn’t have much to include. The weekend had been spent just doing jobs around the house and then I worked my usual 3 days. I struggled with those 3 days (pelvic pain & tiredness) and as such I pretty much went to bed as early as I could. Thursday I had my 30 week consultant appointment which went well.

This week has been much better. We still spent a lot of the weekend doing jobs (still so much to do before this baby arrives) but we also had a joint birthday party for our daughter and our friends from my postnatal group. I still can’t believe the ladybird will be three in less than 2 weeks! I only had to work 1.5 days thisĀ  week so I had an afternoon to myself and an extra day with the ladybird. We’ve been out and about meeting friends & going to playgroups.


I’ve actually been picking up & reading the book I told you about in my last little loves (3 wishes, Lianne Moriarty) and I’m really enjoying it so far. The ladybird only wants one story at bedtime at the moment. She an finish all the sentences we’ve read it that much. The book is Peppa pig’s Easter egg hunt. We went to the library yesterday to pick out a few books but Peppa pig was still requested at bedtime.


Not that much really but I did watch and enjoy the first episode of undercoverĀ  (the new BBC Sunday night drama) and also a programme on BBC 2 about the Portland hospitalĀ  (a private maternity hospital in London). How the other half live!


Last night was parents evening at nursery and it was lovely to hear what the ladybird gets up to whilst I’m at work. On Monday she told me I was big and she was little as they are doing a lot about mathematics, shapes and numbers. Even though I have almost finished work, she will still be staying in nursery two days a week since she will get 15 hours free from September and also we need to keep her place for when I go back to work next June. It’s nice to know she loves it so much and that it is helping her develop.

I also heard the baby’s heart beat at my consultant appointment last week which is always lovely. Not quiet so lovely was being told the baby is currently breech! I know it’s still early days so I’m hoping it changes position as I really do not want a cesarean if I can help it.


My new changing bag arrived this week (I’m loving all the baby stuff I’ve ordered arriving) and I started using it already. I figured my toddler still needs plenty of stuff and the bags for me too so why not. I picked the navy Noa bag from storksak and so far I love it. I feel more stylish already (I’m feeling a bit like I’m stuck in a pregnancy style rut at the moment).

I got a lovely maternity leave bag of goodies on one of my last days at work. I was so touched so many people must have contributed that they got me some lovely toys and clothes for the baby to wear from John Lewis.

My colleagues have spoilt us with some gorgeous bits from John Lewis.

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I’ve been making more of an effort in the kitchen this ,week. I love cooking but don’t always have the time or energy whilst pregnant/working. This week I’ve tried some new recipes (Harrisa roast aubergine with brown rice and chicken cacciatore, both from Jamie Oliver’s super food book). I’ve also been cooking old favorites like homemade pizza and shepherds pie.

And lastly….

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead and then I am off work all next week. I’m hoping to start blogging more regularly whilst I have 2 days to myself each week. I’ve also got lots of things that we need to finish up before this baby arrives. 8 weeks tomorrow until my due date!little-loves-badge


  1. Not A Frumpy Mum
    April 17, 2016 / 8:58 am

    I am so jealous of you starting maternity leave (well, annual leave first but you know what I mean). I’ve only got 11 days to go which doesn’t sound much but still feels like ages, plus we’re hitting exam season so it’s going to be a very busy 3 weeks. I just want to be at home pottering about with baby things.
    Love your changing bag, I feel the same about being in a bit of a pregnancy rut at the minute, I’m looking forward to wearing some of my “normal” clothes again soon! xx

    • April 19, 2016 / 6:13 am

      I hope the last few weeks go well for you. I’m in for handover meetings next Monday & Tuesday and then completely finished. I really want to sort baby things but nursery not finished. Busy tidying and preparing for the ladybirds 3rd birthday next week instead.

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