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IMG_6782I couldn’t resist buying this book for my daughter when I spotted it. It is an adorable book with lots of pretty illustrations, in which a little girl is telling us all about Christmas and why she loves it. If I’m honest I suspect this is more a book for me than my daughter at present. Just picking the book up in the book store made me think about all the Christmases I have to look forward to with her, enjoying many of the activities in the book. It’s short and there is a nice rhythm to the words though so it does maintain her attention but I look forward to reading this book again as she gets older. This book really captures the excitement and magic of the build up to Christmas with children in my opinion.

IMG_6788 IMG_6787
Joining in withwhat we’re reading over on space for the butterflies.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas.

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  1. cariemay
    December 24, 2013 / 12:44 pm

    Oh the illustrations are just gorgeous! It looks like the perfect book to build into your Christmas traditions, one of the ones that you read every year in the build up to the big day. Even if it’s more for you this year it won’t stay that way forever!

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