Christmas sensory play – emergency blanket and sensory ball

IMG_6864This is a really simple and inexpensive activity that anyone can put together for their baby. All you need is an emergency blanket and a sensory LED ball of some sort. I got 2 emergency blankets from a £1 shop some time ago and my baby has enjoyed playing with one for some months now. She loves to sit and crinkle the shiny blanket for ages and I’ve also started using it as part of sensory play more now she is getting older and more interested/developing.

Back in November I spotted this ball in a £1 shop again (a great place for picking up inexpensive bits for sensory play). I knew that my baby would love the ball as she is mesmerised by similar LED things that are used in baby classes I take her to. Basically the ball is full of fake snow (so it is like a snow globe when shaken) and it has a little father Christmas inside that wobbles around as the ball moves, as well as an LED light that flashes red, blue and green (for a short time after being bounced firmly).

IMG_6845 IMG_6836I spread an emergency blanket out and sit my baby in the middle of it. Then I bounce the ball to start the LED lights and roll the ball along the blanket to her. I also put the ball within her reach so she can reach for it. She loves tracking the ball and watching the lights, as well as reaching for the ball herself. The ball is light enough for her to be able to lift it with both hands. Sometimes when there is another adult around, we have held the blanket above her so the lights reflect on the blanket above her head which she seems to love.

IMG_7293 IMG_7295Please note, I am not trained in child development or early years education. I am just an enthusiastic parent who has picked up a thing or two from other blogs, books and various baby classes. Since neither of these items are intended as toys for babies, they are stored out of her reach (i.e. not in her toy box) and only played with under adult supervision.

If you are looking for more Christmas sensory play ideas please pop back later in the week for another post from me and have a look on my Christmas pinterest board where I am pining Christmas ideas for future years. My favorites so far for when my daughter is older are Christmas sensory play, snow dough and orange and spice Christmas play dough.

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