Crafting for baby – Hot air balloon mobile

In my pregnancy updates from week 30 onwards I showed you some of the things I was making for my baby’s nursery such as a crochet blanket, cushion and an amigurumi giraffe. I also mentioned that I was making a hot air balloon mobile. Well last week I finally finished it and hung it in the nursery.   IMG_5521Yes that is a boiler in my baby’s room but it is brand new, safely installed and we have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in there which we test regularly. Unfortunately that was the only space suitable for a boiler. Now back to the baby mobile. If you follow me on pinterest you will see I have a whole board of ideas for the nursery and a lot of them are hot air balloon related. Since we did not find out the sex of the baby before she was born we wanted a gender neutral nursery. I never found a unisex nursery range in the shops that I loved so I decided to go down the DIY route. I wanted a theme that would allow me to use bright colours and came up with circus or hot air balloons. Both of which I thought had an imaginative/magical feel that would be perfect for a girl or a boy. My husband picked hot air balloons and so I set off seeking inspiration. I found a lot of hot air balloon mobiles and picked a tutorial by how joyful. I modified the pattern slightly by making baskets out of felt not cork.

IMG_5519All the stitching is done by hand. The smaller balloons took me about 1-2 hours and the larger more detailed ones took about twice that amount of time. I had the mobile complete apart from the top strings and hook for hanging the mobile before my baby arrived. However it took me until last week to do the final bits and hang the mobile. This part really didn’t take very long but with a new baby it was more a matter of finding the time, energy and motivation to complete it. I am so glad I did though, as now it is hanging over the chair in her nursery I love it. My baby also seems to like it. I intentionally have some of the balloons hanging quiet low and she sits on my knee happily staring at them.

IMG_5516I still have a few more bits to do in her nursery, the biggest being to find some suitable wall stickers for the wall behind her cot. She is still in her mosses basket in our room but I would like the room finished before she outgrows it. I have found a couple of suitable stickers but can not make my mind up which, if any, to buy.

This weeks the gallery theme is I made this! so it seemed the perfect push I needed to find a small window of time to write this post up.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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