Dear baby …

Dear baby,

IMG_6128You turned 5 months this weekend and you are growing fast. I had you weighed at 19 weeks and you were 14 lbs 10 oz. You are still exclusively breastfed & still refusing to take much milk out of a bottle. Next time I write I am sure we will have started weaning you but at the moment you are doing so well on milk we have no reason to start earlier than the recommended 6 months.

Remember that first giggle you gave us at 13 weeks? well you are still making us wait to hear it properly. I’m sure it will be worth the wait when you start giggling regularly. For the time being we will have to make do with your gorgeous, big beaming smiles you give us all day. This past week you have tried small giggles again but you always end up with the hiccups. You are still very “talkative”. Sometimes this last month your beautiful happy, sing-song like sounds have become loud, screeching sounds like you are really trying to tell us something. I wish we could understand you but for now we will settle for understanding when you are telling us you are hungry or tired.

You are still a really good sleeper most of the time (for which I am grateful). The week after I wrote your 14 week letter we went to stay with your grandparents in Yorkshire for the week. During that week you really settled in to a routine of bath, feed and asleep by 7:30pm, sometimes earlier. If we miss your tired cues and start your bedtime routine too late you really let us know about it & scream very loudly. On these nights we skip bath time and go straight to your feed before settling you in your basket for the night. You are still sleeping in your mosses basket which I find surprising. I thought you would have out grown it by now. There isn’t a whole lot of room left but you sleep so well in your basket we will leave you in it a bit longer. You have been sleeping in your own room for the last week in your basket, inside your big cot. I’ve tried putting you down in your cot but you seem confused and do not settle until I put you in your basket. I always feed you as I go to bed at 10:30 pm and from then you will sleep until anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30 am, feed and go back to sleep until between 7 & 9 am. Twice now you have slept straight through until around 7:00 am but one wake up is more normal. You had one week of waking up twice night, thankfully that past. You still nap really well during the day too. You have at least 2 naps, usually three lasting from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

IMG_6023These last 6 weeks you have really learnt to grab things (yes even our hair, clothes & my lips or chin whilst you are feeding). Your hand eye co-ordination is really coming on. Daddy calls it “hand mouth co-ordination” because if we hold anything within your reaching distance you grab it and pull it straight towards your mouth. The last month or so your favorite place to be is standing (supported of course by who ever is holding you). If you are getting agitated sat on my lap, all I have to do (so long as you are not hungry or too tired) is move you to standing on my lap and you are all smiles again. Great fun for you but you are getting heavy! You rolled from your back to your front for the first time last Monday evening. As soon as I put you back on your back you started trying again and before we knew it you had done it again (& again). Once you even rolled back from your tummy to your back and then on to your tummy again! These last ten days we have noticed you are trying to sit up without support. You only last a few seconds before starting to topple in one direction but you are definaetly trying and getting stronger. You also learnt to blow raspberries and for a couple of days you blew lots! You and daddy had a little game of blowing them at each other. I tried to join in but you wouldn’t blow them at me, you just looked as me as if I was mad.


You’ve found your feet recently and you seem to think it is fun to suck your toes!

I took you for your first swimming lesson a couple of weeks ago and you really seemed to enjoy it. Even when the instructor dunked you underwater! From the second week you started splashing lots, just like when you are in the bath. You were ill for the first time 2 weeks back. You woke me screaming (I’d only just closed my eyes as well) and as soon as I picked you up you were sick. You continued to scream most of the night and following day. I managed to get you to sleep a few times but only in my arms (so I sat up all night with you) and only for short periods. The doctor thought it was a throat infection and thankfully you were a lot better that night and back to yourself the day after (just feeding a bit less and sleeping a lot to catch up). You’ve got a cough and cold at the moment but thankfully you aren’t bothered at all.

Your grandparents, aunties and cousin are still besotted with you and visit as often as they can. We spent a week in Yorkshire with your grandparents and visiting your great grandparents and great aunties and uncles. We also had another week in Anglesey, half the week just the 3 of us and half the week with daddy’s parents and even one day with both sets of your grandparents (yes you were spoilt with attention).

Your growing and developing so much right before our eyes and we are enjoying every minute of it.

Love Mummy (& daddy) xx

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