Dear baby…


**Another post that’s been sat in draft for almost a month!**

Dear baby,

You turned 8 months just after Christmas. You are despartly trying to crawl but you are not quiet there yet. You can get pretty much any where you want though by rolling and you are still happiest when you are on your feet (supported by someone of course). You were weighed a couple of weeks ago and you are now 17lbs 7oz. You love your food but you also still love your milk. I am still feeding you milk myself and you are still easily distracted (and rarely feed if anyone else is around) but it is easier now that you are drinking water and eating solids. You seem to mainly want milk when you wake up and before bed. You will usually have one or perhaps two feeds during the day but they are short and if we are out you will usually skip your mid morning feed.

Weaning is going well. You eat most things that I give you. We still struggle to get you to eat white fish but you will eat salmon. Other than that you have eaten pretty much everything I have given you. You happily eat mashed food and cous cous mixed with it, you are not put off by texture at all. You are getting better at feeding yourself finger food too.

We have just enjoyed your first Christmas. During December we enjoyed many festive activities together. We went to a Christmas messy play party where you enjoyed playing with jelly. We sang Christmas songs at rhyme time at the library and enjoyed a festive special at your regular music class. You loved all the glitter, shiny and sparkling Christmas decorations and lights especially Grandma & grandad’s fiber optic tree that you reached out for every time you were near enough.

IMG_7465Father Christmas (and all your family and friends) spoilt you at Christmas with lots of presents. You got a wheely bug ladybird to ride around on and a little kitchen that is also a walker, both of which you are still a bit little for yet but you will be enjoying them in no time. You got a ball pool, books and toys such as stacking rings, shape sorters and stacking cups which you are enjoying already. We spent a few days before Christmas and Christmas day itself with your grandma and grandad in Yorkshire and then on boxing day we travelled back to Cheshire to spend a few days with your other grandparents. We saw lots of your cousin whilst we were there too and he loved playing with your toys and you seemed to enjoy sharing them with him.

You are still a happy and content baby and you sleep fantastically. Bed time seems to be gradually creeping later despite us starting bath time at the same time most nights. You seem to be taking longer over your milk feed perhaps because you take less in the day. It’s not the end of the world though as you are usually asleep by 8:30 and you will then sleep through until anywhere between 7 and 9am. Every couple of weeks or so you will have one or perhaps two nights where you will wake in the night for an extra feed but I know we are very lucky that you sleep so well.

Love Mummy xx

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