Dear baby…

Dear baby…

IMG_8033Wow, you are 10 months now. You weigh 19lbs 2oz and are wearing a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes, although they are all slightly too big for you still. You still have 6 teeth the same as last month and you look just like me when I was your age.

This month has been another big month for you developmentally. Half way through you went from dragging yourself round on your tummy to proper crawling (you just switched over one afternoon and never went back). At the same time you progressed from being able to pull yourself up to kneeling to standing (even in your sleeping bag). You have only been doing these skills for two weeks but already you are very fast at crawling and so confident at both.¬†You seem to know when you are going somewhere where I won’t be happy with you as you look over your shoulder to make sure I am watching you! You have pulled yourself up to standing on everything from low items such as bags of nappies (so you are on your feet but bent over), the sofa, your cot and now you are so confident you will pull yourself up using only the wall for support. You literally are not still for any more than a couple of seconds!

This last week you have even used your push along kitchen as a walker and taken a few supported steps. This is the first time you have made any attempt to move your feet when upright. We have a stair case in our front room and your favorite place to be is stood up, holding on to the steps. A couple of days ago you also managed to climb up on to the first step. We have an extension for a stair gate to fit on order, I suspect you will not be happy when it arrives. This month is also the month you have started to cry when you do not get your own way. You can usually be distracted from whatever we will not allow you to do (usually because you were about to grab or crawl somewhere unsafe) and you cheer up quickly.

IMG_7992You started initiating peek a boo this month by holding objects in front of your face and giggling when we say “where’s Poppet gone?” you still do this lots of times each day. You’ve started screwing your face up the last couple of weeks. Obviously you have just discovered this is something you can do so you are doing it a lot. Sometimes it is when you are happy so you appear to have a very cheesy grin, sometimes it is when you are frustrated so you screw your face up but this time without the smile.

You are still very talkative although we have yet to make out many actual words other than Dadda (which you said a lot for a couple of weeks then stopped again) and last week we thought you were saying quack quack (sounding more like kack kack) but I’m not so sure it was intentional. You do love ducks. You have a few in the bath wich you enjoy playing with and every time we have taken you to the park to see the ducks you have been fascinated by them.

IMG_8268At the start of this month you had a nasty cough and cold. The cold has gone but you are still coughing in your sleep 4 weeks on, I guess this is to be expected at this time of year. You went off your solid foods for a couple of days and only really ate bits of fruit and yogurt as you refused all your usual favorite savory foods. We had extra milk feeds instead and for a few days you were waking up in the early hours for an extra feed. Thankfully you quickly went back to eating three meals a day and sleeping through again.

You eat a variety of foods, a mixture of someone spoon feeding you mashed or well chopped foods and lots of finger foods that you can feed yourself. I still nurse you, with one milk feed as soon as you wake, one mid afternoon (although this seems to be getting shorter and many days you have barely any at this feed) and a long feed before bed.

IMG_8164Bed time is usually 8pm by the time you have had your bath and feed. You then sleep through to anything from 7-9am (you wake happy, I come in to find you stood in your cot, chatting to yourself and you always give me a big smile). This past week you’ve woken a few times at 6:30am and refused to go back to sleep. I’m hoping this is just a phase, I’d prefer it if you would sleep until 7am at least, preferably 7:30am but I know I am lucky that you sleep through the night. You have two naps during the day (occasionally just one) but when they are and how long for is still different every day.

You’re a bit of a mummy’s girl and only mum will do at times. I love our cuddles and you have even started giving me kisses (at least I think that is why you are licking/putting your mouth on my face) but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d prefer it if you stopped pulling my hair! overall you are a happy, active baby who’s little personality is really shining through (I think you will be a little bit cheeky as well as a happy).

All my love, Mummy xx

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  1. cariemay
    March 7, 2014 / 8:59 pm

    Aww she sounds such a sweetie – I love her little elbow patches in the first photo too!

    • March 10, 2014 / 7:14 pm

      Thank you. We think she is. Yes I love those elbow patches too – very cute!

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