Dear baby…

Dear baby,

IMG_8472You are now 11 months old and the countdown to your first birthday has started. I’ve just read back your 10 month letter and I have to say that not much has changed in this past month. You’ve had a bit of a rough time this month really. You caught a stomach bug and a respiratory virus in the space of a couple of days just as you turned 10 months. After a difficult few days you started to feel a bit better but you understandable weren’t quiet yourself for a few weeks. During this time you went off your food and became very unsettled at night. It took you a good few weeks to fully recover your appetite and go back to sleeping well. Now that you are fully recovered you are back to your usual happy and active self. Once your appetite did recover it also seemed to increase as well so you are eating a lot more at meals and also having two snacks a day. Breakfast rarely goes well, you just don’t seem that interested in eating most mornings but your appetite soon picks up mid morning.

No new teeth have come through this month and I wouldn’t say you are teething at the moment. When I went to the dentist this month he had a look at your teeth for the first time. You still wear a mixture of 6-9 months and 9-12 months which is all still too long in the arms and legs. It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t seem to have grown much this month but now that your appetite is back I’m sure you will make up for it soon enough.

Dadda is still the only really word we can make out at present but we are getting more certain that you are now saying this and meaning your daddy rather than just practicing d sounds. You seem to have started to copy us sometimes, like you are replying to us when we talk to you (but obviously we have no idea what you are saying). You still love to initiate peek a boo with us lots. You are never still! I used to think that it was just a normal phase that all babies go through when they discovered the ability to move but many people have told me that not all babies are on the go quiet as much as you. You have just mastered the ability to climb on to things that are about your waist height (so a bit higher than steps which you mastered last month). You still pull yourself up to standing a lot and are continuing to show a bit of interest in walking with a walker. Your crawling seems to get faster by the day. I think now that you are fully recovered from those nasty bugs you are going to start doing new things more and more again.

Your naps are another thing that has altered this month. The week before you turned 11 months you suddenly started staying awake for longer in a morning and then falling asleep anywhere between 11 and 1. You nearly always have 2-2.5hrs. After nearly 11 months of no routine what so ever it was a bit of a shock to me to suddenly have you so predictable. I’m enjoying it though as I now know we can go out and about in the mornings, have lunch and then I have a couple of hours to get things done before you wake up and we play for an hour or two before daddy gets home. The only difficult bit so far is making sure we are home and you have had your lunch before you fall asleep (as you fall asleep in cars and your pram very easily).

I can’t believe the next time I write to you, you will be 1 year old! As always it has been a pleasure being your mummy this month. Even the hardest days are all worth it for just a glimpse of your beautiful smile or lots of cuddles whilst you recover.

All my love mummy xx

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