Gardening, children’s books and big girls beds #Little loves

Gardening,  children’s books and big girls beds #Little loves

So I’ve finished with all the festival talk and back with a much more varied little loves this week.


I thought I’d stop boring you all with how little I have managed to read and start sharing with you what I am reading to the ladybird. I love children’s books and I’m pleased to say the ladybird seems to love reading too. There are so many gorgeous children’s books available that I thought I would start sharing some of our favorites. I’m sharing them on instagram using #ladybirdreads. This week we have been enjoying the following. Find me on instagram here.


I’m still not watching that much tv but I did enjoy this weeks Great British bake off. I think any time now Masterchef Australia should be on sky, anyone know? I love that show! I’m also looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing coming back on this Saturday. I’m hoping the ladybird loves it too (she was fascinated by the colours as a baby and last year she loved having a dance along).


Untitled-4Last night I met up with my friends for our monthly pudding club (delicious puddings and chance to catch up without running round after our toddlers, perfect) and I wore this top. I bought it the other day in M&S (not somewhere I often buy clothes). It’s a lovely soft fabric and I love the black stars on the cream. I’m not sure if it was a mistake with a toddler but hopefully I’ll get chance to wear it more this autumn!


This week I heard the ladybird playing imaginatively for the first time. She was eating a snack when she decided the piece of fruit was a rabbit and she started making it run across the table shouting come back rabbit! (this is obviously her copying us as we often have to tell her to come back). She’s also been playing more with her train set, happyland and duplo in an imaginative way ever since. It seems to have come out all of sudden, unless you count the more roll play side of things such as putting her dolls/teddies to bed, feeding them and pretend cooking.


IMG_3441My containers of bedding plants never really recovered from our week away but I miss the colour. I picked up a tray of winter pansies with my weekly shop and spent one nap time planting up this tower of pansies. I think the stacked pots is affective and I can’t wait for the plants to establish themselves a bit more. I would like to add a box hedge plant in a container at the other side of the front door. I would also love to create some flower beds in the garden (ours is purely grass both back and front) but so far I have lacked the courage (and knowledge) to start this project.

And lastly ….

On Tuesday we removed the cot sides from the ladybird’s cot bed. We also took her out of sleeping bags and gave her a duvet. It’s early days but we are having mixed successes. At bedtime she is really excited to get in and after a story she snuggles in and goes to sleep. Sometimes we here her talking or singing like before but we’ve not heard her get out at night. Come the morning when my husbands alarm goes off we are finding her asleep on the floor! It obviously doesn’t wake her (the drop from the cotbed to the floor is less than 30cms and I’ve put pillows next to her bed) but this morning she’d obviously continued to roll as we found her quiet a distance from the bed with no duvet over her! I’m glad we started this before the nights drop cold.

Nap times are a different story (I know there have only been 2). She gets in has her story but doesn’t settle down after I leave the room. I hear her talking and moving around. It’s very sweet, I usually find her reading to her soft toys. I’ve been trying to leave her to settle but it’s just not working. She was having at least 1 hour naps, more like 2 hours most days and consequently she isn’t waking until gone 9am now! Any tips?

Have a nice weekend everyone x


  1. September 5, 2015 / 9:28 pm

    Pudding Club sounds amazing! What a brilliant idea for a get together.

    My son stopped napping around 28 months and I found it hard to accept at first because I was so used to that bit of quiet in the day! The first few weeks it was so hard to push through to bedtime, but if he napped he just wouldn’t go to sleep until 9:30pm-10pm. Good luck! It’s tricky to work it out because each child is so different xx

  2. September 6, 2015 / 9:03 am

    Errr a pudding club?! Now that sounds like a club I’d like to be part of! What a great idea.
    Loving those winter pansies. My garden could do with some, it needs a bit of colour.
    Have a good weekend xx

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