Halos N Horns baby products review

IMG_7147Over Christmas, we have been testing out a couple of bath time products from Halos N Horns. I was kindly sent a bottle of baby bath, baby moisturiser and kids zingy orange hair and body wash.

When these products first arrived I liked the packaging. They are bright, modern and I am happy to have them in my bathroom. They are also easy to open, use and close without spills or using too much or too little product. I love that Halos N Horns don’t put SLS, parabens or other ingredients that can potentially irritate babies skin in their products. The products I have tested smell great and perform well. The baby bath has a lovely smell that is not overpowering, it’s kind to eyes and washes my baby’s hair well. Although there is a separate bubble bath available, this product does form some bubbles if added to the bath when you are running it. Please bear in mind that SLS is the ingredient responsible for foaming so if you are avoiding SLS then don’t expect lots of bubbles unless you use lots of product.

The baby moisturiser again smells very similar to the baby bath so they compliment each other well. It is none greasy and is absorbed quickly. My baby doesn’t particularly have dry skin except this winter her cheeks have become a little dry. A couple of days of using this moisturiser has cleared this bit of dry skin right up.

I have not used the kid’s zingy orange hair and body wash yet (out of interest when do you switch from baby to kids toiletries?) but it smells fantastic. Halos N Horns products are available to buy from Asda, boots, Waitrose, co-operative, independent pharmacies and toys r us (as well as online). I’ve just checked Boots and the baby bath and Kids hair and body washes retail at £2.10 for 250mls and the baby moisturiser £3.59 for 250mls which is very competitive and I would be happy to buy them myself.

Disclosure:  I was kindly sent a bottle of baby bath, baby moisturiser and kids zingy orange hair and body wash. I was not asked for anything in exchange but since we loved these products I decided to tell you about them. All opinions are my own.

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