legoland, barges and baking #littleloves

legoland, barges and baking #littleloves

This week has just flown but we have packed so much in.  Last Thursday morning we travelled to Windsor and spent Friday in legoland. We travelled back Friday night arriving home at midnight. Then Saturday I left the ladybird with her daddy whilst I went cruising down the canal, enjoying afternoon tea to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Sunday was a much needed quiet family day and then my 3 day working week started Monday. Yesterday was a lovely day, just me and the ladybird.


I’ve been continuing to share my daughter’s bedtime reads on instagram. This week she’s loving “trip trap”, also known as The three billy goats gruff. I love that she enjoys childhood classics. Every time we go over a bridge she shouts “trip trap” excitedly.Untitled-1


IMG_3808I watched the ladybird enjoying herself at legoland and playing with Lego every chance she gets since we got home. She was too small for most rides but she enjoyed the boat rides and trains as well as exploring the lego sculptures. I took lots of pictures so expect a full post soon.

I’ve also been enjoying watching the Bake off and also Jamie’s everyday superfoods (the book is on my birthday wish list). These two kind of contradict each other a bit but I believe in a balanced diet, I’m not one for dieting and cutting things out entirely.


its been a strange week weather wise which saw us wearing our summer clothes last thursday and Friday but as soon as we were back up north Saturday the warmer clothes were needed.

I’ve started adding some warmer clothes to the ladybirds wardrobe. I’m loving the playhouse range my next. I could buy every item in the range! For now I’ve just bought her these too gorgeous bits and some denim shorts with bright pink tights. I love bright colours.

Untitled-4 copyHeard

the ladybird shouting legoland repeatedly! I also had one of those moments this week when she said something and you then realise how often you must say the same thing. We were eating our evening meal and I asked her if she would like some fruit her answer was “no, I’m sure”. Usually we just get no (which often means yes!) and I realise I must always ask her if she’s sure. It made both of us laugh and she realised. From then on when ever she answers no to a question, she always follows it with “I’m sure” and a big cheesy grin, as if she is waiting for you to laugh at her! I do love the toddler stage and the little things she comes out with. I still can’t get used to her saying longer and longer sentences and questions.


IMG_3959I’m trying like many people to eat a little more healthily. I think on the whole we are pretty good but we have slipped a little over our busy summer. I’m afraid I can’t be convinced on the idea that coconut oil is healthy or that reducing sugar in our diets means we have to give up fruit too but I’m trying to make some healthy food swaps. Yesterday afternoon the toddler helped me bake a banana and rasin cake. The recipe is from the River cottage baby and toddler cookbook and is low in sugar but still tastes good. I love being able to give my daughter treats whilst knowing they’re not that bad for her.

And lastly…..

I’m hoping this weekend to find time to do some sewing or crochet. I’ve got loads of projects on the go or that I have bought supplies for but not started. The big ones include an advent calendar that I started last year and roman blinds for our bedroom which need to be finished for when we have our new windows fitted in October. It feels ages since I’ve had time to do anything crafty.

Enjoy your weekend.butwhymummywhy

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  1. September 23, 2015 / 9:24 am

    Such a lovely Little Loves! We love The Smartest Giant in town too, such a fab bedtime read.
    That cake looks delish, I haven’t done any baking for ages and really miss it.
    Hope you#re having a good week this week xx

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