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Welcome to The ladybirds’ adventures, a creative family blog where I share all the things we love as a family.

I love reading and discovering new blogs. When I find a new blog it’s nice to get to know who writes it and what it is about. So I thought I’d make it easy for you to get to know us and also give you an overview of the types of posts you will find here as well as answer a few questions you may have.

1. Who are we?

I’m Claire, a married mummy of two little girls, living in Cheshire. F was born in April 2016 and E was born in June 2016. I started this blog when I was pregnant with F. You can read all my posts related to F by clicking on the photo below.

E was born in June 2016 and she completed our family. You can read all my posts related to E by clicking on the photo below.

If you want to find out more try our about us page or by reading the posts in “my family” category.

2 – What is the ladybirds’ adventures about?

This blog is where I document our family adventures, big and small. The majority of my posts fall into the following categories.

Days out and holidays

As a family, we love days out and trips away. You can read all our days out and holiday posts here.

We live in Cheshire so a lot of our days out are in the North West but we also visit Anglesey and North Wales, Staffordshire and Yorkshire.

Some of my favourites are:

Children’s books

Mibo board books

I’ve always loved reading, although I don’t read anything like as much as I used to. We want to pass our love of reading on to our children so we introduced books to them as a baby. They have lots of books and we display them in their bedrooms and also have some downstairs that they can access during the day. Books can be read any time of day here but we never miss a bedtime story. We also visit our local library regularly. There are so many amazing children’s books available that I can’t resist sharing them with you. You can find them all in my Children’s books category. Here are a couple of my book posts to get you started.

3 relaxing bedtime reads for babies and toddlers,

20 children’s books to read this spring,

Book advent calendar,

Creative childrenEaster play dough

I love to set up activities for my children. These might be sensory play or arts and crafts. I have categorised these together as I feel they overlap. Some activities are definitely sensory play and some are clearly art but there are many others that could be both. Both sensory play and art have so many benefits for children and are also lots of fun. I tend to lean towards process art more than expecting F to copy a planned craft. Find all our creative children’s activities here.

I shared lots of ideas for sensory play for babies when F was around 12 months like

Easter sensory bag

Jelly sensory play

You can find them all in my baby play section (hopefully, I will be adding to this section too with activities I do with E).

My favourite creative activities for toddlers and preschoolers are

Rainbow spaghetti sensory play

Coloured rice sensory play

Outdoor activities

We love spending time outside exploring and playing. We’ve recently started going to a mums and tots forest school which we love. I believe children need plenty of time outside. These posts are the ones where I share outdoor activities that we have enjoyed and if you have young children you might like them too. My favourites are

Little loves

Little loves is a weekly linky hosted by Coffee, work, sleep, repeat. Every Friday we share what we have loved reading, watching, making, wearing and hearing that week. You will get a glimpse of family life and recommendations for things that you might also enjoy.


You can also find a few posts on our family home and garden, kids clothing, cloth nappies (E wears reusable nappies, I used disposable with F), cooking and baking, my creative makes (crochet or sewing, usually for the kids) and seasonal posts like Christmas and Easter.

3. Where else can you find us?

I love Instagram, so much so that I have set up my own hashtag #mycolourfulkids.

I also enjoy sharing and discovering days out and activities on Pinterest.

You can also find me on Twitter and I can be contacted by email too.

4. Do we work with brands?

Yes, I have done a number of reviews now which are all saved here. You can read my disclosure page.

If you are a brand or PR company and you have a product or event that you believe would be a good fit for my family and readers please see my work with me page or email me at

5. What blogs and other websites do we love?

I’m currently working on a page sharing my favourite blogs, vlogs and other Internet resources that you might like. Once it is finished I will link to it here.

6. How can you interact with me?

Hopefully, you’ve made it this far and enjoyed what you have read. I’d also love to hear from you so please leave me comments or contact me with your ideas, feedback or recommendations.