A weekend camping in Llandudno

A weekend camping in Llandudno

A couple of weeks back we had a weekend camping in LLandudno. This was F’s first camping trip. We stayed on a fantastic site near Llandudno called Plas farm and considering the summer we have had, the weather wasn’t too bad. We had some showers, some sunny spells but lots of wind!

camping in LlandudnoThe campsite was peaceful (even though we were in the family field), has beautiful views and is well looked after. The toilets and showers were cleaned several times daily and were more than adequate for the size of the large campsite. There is a camper’s kitchen but we didn’t use it. As we were leaving we discovered it had children’s board games that you can borrow which is a lovely idea. There is a really good children’s play area too that the ladybird loved.

Camping in Llanduno camping in LlandudnoWe spent Saturday in Llandudno. After a wet start, the sun came out although at the top of the Great Orme it was cold and windy. We took a cable car up which was fun and the views were fantastic. We also explored the pier, that is a very traditional seaside pier which reminded me of my childhood.

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The ladybird loved our weekend camping in Llandudno. So much in fact that getting her to sleep at night was hard work! I think it was about 10 pm when she gave in both nights. We’re on the countdown now to our next camping weekend away at Just so festival.

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Camping in Llandudno


  1. Carie
    August 27, 2015 / 11:27 pm

    Camping is so much fun! We found that all three of ours don’t go to sleep at their normal bedtime in the tent, and trying to force it was just going to stress us all out so they tended to go when they got tired, when it got dark, or when we went to be, whichever came first!

    • August 28, 2015 / 7:42 am

      That’s the atitude we took on our festival trip last weekend. I enjoyed my weekend much more and the toddler survived! She’s been having lovely lie ins and long afternoon naps since we got home too!

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