Hi, I’m Claire, a married, mum to two young girls, living in Cheshire. I am passionate about learning through play and getting children outdoors. I share seasonal inspiration so you can spend less time searching for ideas and more time connecting with your children. I also love sharing our family days out and holidays.

I am not a teacher but I have always loved providing my daughters with activities such as treasure baskets and sensory play. I also love letting them create through process art as well as reading children’s books with them.

We love spending time outside as a family. Last year, I discovered a local forest mums and tots group which we adored. I like to do activities based on my children’s interests and I find they are naturally related to nature. Children love animals, weather and the changing seasons. There are so many learning possibilities each season.

Don’t get me wrong my girls have lots of toys and plenty of opportunities for free play. They are both big fans of watching Peppa pig too. Everything in moderation is my motto.

Here is a little bit more about my girls:

F was born in April 2013. She is in her first year at primary school. She loves dolls, books, art and craft and “going on adventures”.

hare hill

E was born in June 2016. She loves nursery rhymes, board books with flaps or moving parts, dolls, Duplo and being outside.

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