Christmas sensory basket

IMG_7399Inspired by The imagination tree’s Christmas Sensory tub, I decided to put together something similar for my baby. My baby is 7 months old and is able to sit up and grab things, however everything goes in the mouth so I avoided small items such as rice.  I wanted to include a variety of textures, Christmas colours and items that made a noise or lit up.

IMG_7390Here’s what I included:

* Tinsel

* shiny baubles

* Bells

* Christmas sensory LED/snow globe ball (read more about this in yesterday’s post, here)

* Red and gold ribbon

* silver gift bow

* crochet star

* Zip along robin (pull a cord and he moves around on a flat surface)

* Christmas board book – Snowtime fun (read more about this book, here)

IMG_7107 IMG_7260 We’ve spent a significant amount of time this month sat examining the contents of the basket. She really seems to enjoy exploring the contents and it keeps her attention well. Sometimes I sing Christmas songs whilst we are exploring this basket, such as jingle bells (she’s very good at shaking these bells). I also tell her about the item she is examining such as what colour it is, the texture etc. I’m really happy with this as a first sensory basket and I look forward to creating more of them for her.IMG_7274

You can find more ideas for Christmas activities for all ages on my Christmas pinterest board or for more sensory play ideas suitable for all year round have a look at my sensory play board where I have been pinning my favorite ideas from around the web.

Please note, I am not trained in child development or early years education. I am just an enthusiastic parent who has picked up a thing or two from other blogs, books and various baby classes. Since none of these items are intended as toys for babies, they are stored out of her reach (i.e. not in her toy box) and only played with under adult supervision. I also spend 80% of the time preventing her from putting inappropriate bits in her mouth e.g. the tinsel which sheds easily.

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  1. December 21, 2013 / 10:48 am

    what a lovely idea, it can be hard with younger children to bring them into the Xmas feeling. Love the festive colours in your photos to.

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