Creating a family garden for young children

Creating a family garden for young children

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Now that it’s spring my thoughts are turning to our family garden. We’ve lived here for 3 years and although we’ve done bits to the garden, it’s still a bit of a blank canvas really. When we moved in there was no planting except for a small hedge and a tree at the front. In those three years, our young family has grown and gardening hasn’t been the highest priority for us. Now though I’m keen to get out in the garden with the girls.

I think it is really important for children to spend time outdoors. We love going for walks, to the park or on days out but some days it’s nice to be able to spend time outside in our own garden. My toddler loves being outdoors and there is always a tantrum when we have to go back inside to warm up. I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors with her this spring and summer.

I love that our back garden is so child-friendly. It’s mostly lawn and a small patio. I love our lawn as a place for the girls to run around, picnic or just play. If however, you find the task of weekly lawn mowing too much or perhaps your kids are ruining your lawn playing football all the time, then fake grass might be the answer. You can get some really natural looking ones now too.

We have a number of planters in the back garden but no real planting areas. I’d love to change this and add some. In particular, I’d like to have a go at growing some fruit and vegetables with my eldest. I’ve done bits in the past with her like growing herbs in pots and strawberries in hanging baskets. The summer she was the same age as my youngest, I remember how much she loved picking the strawberries we had grown and getting to eat them. This year seems like the perfect year to try gardening with them both.

Since we moved here I have removed a bit of the lawn at the front of the house and planted some flowering plants. I love this area and would love to remove some more lawn and add some more plants. It’s lovely to have lots of colourful flowers and also to be able to cut a few and bring them into the house.

I have other plans for the garden too. We added a little playhouse a few years back which the girls love. The inside though has become a bit of a shed for all their outdoor toys. I’d love to find another way to store these toys and do something more creative with the inside. We have a tiny toddler slide and also a water table that has probably seen better days. I’d love to add more features that the girls can enjoy such as a mud kitchen or sand pit. Perhaps a bigger slide too although our garden is a little sloped.

So these are my plans for our garden this year. I hope to blog about our adventures in growing fruit and vegetables with children as well as other outdoor fun we have together. Let’s just hope we have some nice weather this spring and summer so we can spend plenty of time outdoors.

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