Designing the Perfect Family Space

Designing the Perfect Family Space

This is a collaborative post.

A family home should be set up for the whole family. Children should feel just as at home as adults, which means you need to think about everyone’s needs when designing interiors. Having family spaces where you can all spend time together helps to keep your family close together. You can all enjoy yourselves in the same room, even if everyone is doing something slightly different. If you want to create the perfect family space, you need to think about a few important factors. With a bit of effort, you can design a room that works for everyone, young and not so young.

Tailor Your Interiors to the Space

First, you should consider the space you have to work with. The type of room and the amount of space you have available are important factors to think about. Maybe you’re making a plan for a living room or perhaps a dining space. You might even be thinking about adding more space to your home, like one of the stylish conservatories by James Oliver. If you’re planning a conservatory space, you’ll have a lot of natural light to work with, and you’ll likely be creating a single communal space. But with other rooms in your home, you might consider creating different zones for different purposes.

Provide Entertainment for Everyone

You need to keep everyone happy in your family spaces, so having things that will entertain the whole family is important. While it would be easy to get everyone’s attention with a TV, you can do better than that if you want different types of entertainment in one room. A television is a good start, but you can also explore features for all ages. Books and a sound system for music are good choices while adding a chest or storage trunk means you can have toys around without things getting too messy.

Personalise the Space

Adding a personal touch to any room in your home will give it a family feel. You can put up family photos so that the room represents all of you as a family, and your extended family too. You can even get the kids to help with personalising the space. Displaying their arts and crafts shows them that you’re proud of them, and it preserves some special memories. You could make some things to display too if you have any handy skills, whether you’re a whizz with a sewing machine or you have some amateur carpentry skills.

Don’t Bank on It Being Too Tidy

Creating An Art Space For Kids

It’s always best not to try and design a family space so it’s super neat and clean. While you can keep in in order to an extent, it’s never going to be spotless. When you’re designing a room, think about how you can make it practical and easy to straighten out. Plenty of storage makes it easy to hide things away and keep everything organised, and it’s a good idea to avoid having too much clutter too.

The perfect family space isn’t the same for everyone. Your family likely has unique wants and needs to create a room you’ll love.

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post. See my disclosure page for more information.

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