Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Mumtrepreneur?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Mumtrepreneur?

This is a collaborative post.

For many women, there are few sweeter words in the English language than “Maternity leave”. There’s no denying that the feeling of knowing that we can set aside the everyday stresses of our jobs to spend some quality time raising our children is a wonderful source of joy and relief. Those formative early months are a steep learning curve but they’re also rich with many joyful moments that can never be replicated. Yet, when maternity leave draws to a close, many women begin to dread the notion of going back to work.

Perhaps they feel that unmistakable paranoia that they’ve forgotten how to do their jobs or maybe the new sense of perspective afforded by parenthood makes them yearn for something ultimately more fulfilling than their old job ever was. For these reasons and many more, legions of women all over the world eschew returning to their day jobs in favour of becoming Mumtrepreneurs. Could this be for you? Only time and experience will tell, but there are some traits that see normal women make their fortune in the topsy-turvy and ultra-competitive world of entrepreneurship. Let’s see how many of them you share…

You’ve identified something that doesn’t exist… But should

Behind any great entrepreneur, there’s usually a great product that speaks to its target audience. Very often, mumtrepreneurs are informed by their own experiences in parenting and are able to turn their bemoaning of the absence of a solution to an everyday problem that affects not just themselves but legions of others in the same position. Parenthood is a shared experience that allows great opportunities for finding gaps in the market. It’s what enabled Tasty Brand founders, Shanan Swanson and Liana Weintraub, to identify a lack of organic and nutritious children’s foods on the supermarket shelves and turn this opportunity into a 7 figure enterprise.

You’re passionate

Of course, passion isn’t enough to build an enterprise on its own but it is to a successful business as fire to a steam engine. Passion will keep you getting up at 5 am while the rest of the family snoozes. It’s what keeps us chasing startup funding after we’re turned down by lender after lender. It’s what makes people build thriving brands out of nothing at all. The absolute refusal to give up no matter what is fuelled by passion.

You embrace innovation

In today’s digitally-led and extremely competitive marketplace it’s not enough to build a business. Your business needs to be in a constant state of evolution, always looking for new and more efficient ways to do what you do. Resting on your laurels rarely leads to lasting success.

You’re insanely well organised

All Mums need to be incredibly well organised but Mumtrepreneurs need to take their organisational skills to the next level to run successful businesses alongside their maternal duties. You’ll need to not only make your product but keep on top of your social media and maintain good communications with your distribution network using a courier service like Shiply to ensure that it reaches your customers quickly and securely. A lack of organisation can see even the most innovative business idea falter.

You’re willing to take risks

Entrepreneurship is an inherently risky business and the fear of failure could cripple a lesser woman. You need to embrace the risks and believe in yourself and your business. 

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