E at 10 months

E at 10 months

E turned 10 months at the weekend. I can’t believe that in just 2 months, E will be one. She is getting more and more like a little girl and less like a baby with every passing week. I’m excited for the little girl she will become but also sad that our baby days are almost over.  I think this is normal with a second and last baby. You appreciate the milestones but know how quickly they grow and just wish you could freeze time just for a little while.

Looking back at her 9-month update some things haven’t changed and some things have.


She still has 6 teeth but is showing signs of teething off and on.

Weight and clothing size

I have no idea how much she weighs but she still has plenty of growing room in her 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes. I dress her in dungarees quite a lot but she does wear dresses some days which do not stop her from crawling at all.


She still loves milk and we are still breastfeeding. She can go long periods in the day if we are out and about, as she still prefers to feed where it is quiet. Food wise she likes just about anything we give her but does not have a big appetite. She still mostly likes to feed herself but will take food from a spoon sometimes if she has finger food as well. These are the meal times where she will eat the most food. She is very good at drinking water from her sippy cup.


She still does not sleep well. Her daytime naps are improving so that is something and it also gives me hope that perhaps nights will improve soon too. I do not like the idea of sleep training so at the moment we are just doing what feels natural. In the day now she will have usually only 2 naps now (at 9 months it was 3 lots of 30 minutes). And they are getting longer. Usually at least one of them will be an hour long. Occasionally, she will sleep for a couple of hours after lunch but this is not regularly. I’m hoping that this is the direction we are heading in though. At night she is usually asleep by 7:30 but after that every night is different. 3 wake ups a night is a good night. Some nights I feel like I am up and down all night. Some nights she will sleep a good few hours after going down at 7:30, others she is up again by 8:30 pm. She is always up at about 6 am.

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She still doesn’t crawl properly but is very fast at commando crawling now. I’m not sure she’ll crawl properly at this point. She is more than able to get where she wants to and has been getting onto all fours and rocking for over a month now.

Last week, she started trying to pull herself to standing, she almost manages it but not quite. She also started attempting to clap but she doesn’t do it often or well yet. She still laughs a lot. Watches and smiles lots at us all and babbles a lot. I’m assuming that this next month will see her interacting more and more with us.

Activities we enjoy

With the improving weather, she has been spending more time outdoors not sat in her pram. She’s still at that awkward age for being in the garden really but as soon as we carry her out there her arms and legs start going and she starts screeching (both sure signs she is happy). Since she is on the move it is hard to put her down as the grass is still so damp/muddy. Over the weekend though we managed to get some of our garden toys out. She loved crawling through the fabric tunnels, especially when F rolled her over or dragged the tunnel and her along. Sometimes we have to ask F to be more gentle which is hard for her to understand when E is laughing hysterically!

She loves the swings and slide at the park. Bubbles are another thing she gets excited about. I still take her swimming which she loves. She is very good at kicking and holding on to the side of the pool. This month we started going to baby yoga at the nursery where she will be going two days a week from June. Although she is a little bit too mobile to really take part in the session. It is good for her to get used to the room and the staff. She spends a lot of the session trying to crawl off exploring. It’s good though as I think she is going to be fine there (except perhaps at nap times).

E at 10 months

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