E at 11 months

E at 11 months

So here we are, 11 months already. E is getting more and more interactive all the time and less and less like a baby. Except for her sleep, that is still very much like a baby. Appearance wise she looks less like F at this age than when she was younger. E looks more like her dad and F like me. Her hair is getting lighter and still growing fast. I found F’s 11-month update and they are very similar in many ways. The biggest similarity is how mobile and active they are at 11 months.


Still just the same 4 at the top and two at the bottom.

Weight and clothing size

She now weighs 17 lb 10 oz. This puts her just below the 25 percentile on the growth charts where she has always been. She still wears 6-9 month clothing and even a few bits of 3-6 months.


Not much has changed here but over the past few days, I feel like she is eating better and taking less milk in the day. She had a virus over the bank holiday weekend and lost her appetite but since it has come back she is eating better than before.


No change here. She’s still waking multiple times a night and naps are still short most days. She randomly slept through once this month but the nights before and after were her usual type. I have no idea what was different that night.


She still moves by commando crawling. This month she’s figured out how to get from lying to sitting and sitting to standing. She loves pulling herself up to standing. She often does this on toy boxes and then likes to rummage through the toys (she leant in too far once and fell in). The other day she climbed the first stair before I stopped her going further.

She babbles lots and we are fairly certain now when she says mama it’s me she wants and not just a noise she makes. She understands shaking her head means no and does this when she doesn’t want her teeth brushed or any more food. She waves when you say hi, bye or good night. She often just waves when she is passed from one person to another.

Activities we enjoy

She still loves swimming and squeals and splashes with delight. We have her last lesson this week before I go back to work. I hope we can start making time to go swimming as a family on a weekend. She likes to be on the move. She’s not one for sitting in one place for long. She still loves hearing people sing nursery rhymes. We’ve turned her pushchair forward facing as she was getting upset in there and this seems to have made a big difference.

With the weather improving we’ve been spending more time outdoors. She starts kicking her legs in excitement the minute we step out of the back door. She particularly likes standing in our little tikes car. Bubbles are a big hit too.

I really can’t believe she is one next month. Things are about to change a lot for her. I’m going back to work three days a week in a few weeks. She’ll be in nursery 2 days a week and with my mum one day. I suspect just like her big sister she will be ok at nursery but obviously, I’m nervous about it. She has spent some time in the baby room at nursery and she is just as mobile at home, quickly leaving me behind and going off to explore.



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