How to plan a holiday for the extended family that everyone will enjoy

How to plan a holiday for the extended family that everyone will enjoy

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Are you thinking about booking a holiday with your extended family next year? I read recently that multi-generational holidays are on the rise in the UK. We have spent several holidays now with our extended family including our autumn holiday in the Lake District during October half term. My children love holidaying with their grandparents or cousin, it really adds to the holiday fun.  Large group accommodation is easier to find than you think and works out very cost effective compared with booking individual smaller properties. Large party houses are widely available and are perfect for multi-generation holidays. Read on to find out my tips on booking a multi-generation holiday that everyone will enjoy.


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My tips for extended family holidays


Like I mentioned above, we have holidayed a lot with family. Every autumn since we had our first daughter we have visited the Lake District with my parents. We’ve also had some summer holidays with my in-laws or sister-in-law and her family. There are many benefits for all of us but it could easily go wrong and end up in arguments or people not feeling like they’ve had the holiday they wanted.  Here are my tips that will help to make sure everyone gets the holiday they want.


Agree on how the cost of the holiday will be split and who will pay for what in advance. This can save any arguments or disagreements that may otherwise spoil your holiday. Everything from the accommodation to the food.


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Similarly, it’s wise to have discussions beforehand about everyone’s priorities for the holiday. Perhaps you want a beach holiday and the other family want a sightseeing city break. Having discussions beforehand are essential. Use this discussion to decide where you are going on holiday. I have loads of inspiration for days out and UK holidays that might help you decide if you want to holiday in North Wales and Anglesey or perhaps Edinburgh is top of your list.


Once you have decided where you want to visit, decide who will be responsible for booking the holiday and how much everyone owes and when the money is due. By all means, all search for possible accommodation but make sure everyone gets a chance to review it and most importantly only one person tries to book it. It would be wise to agree on dates for the holiday and also what the essentials aspects of the property are. Do you want a specific number of bedrooms? Do you need pet-friendly? Do you want to be within walking of a village? the beach? a pub?


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Either beforehand or early on in the holiday, decide on things like if you want to go on specific days out or even as simple as do you want to spend all the time as a big group or a mix of days where you spend time as a big group and somewhere you go on separate days out. We usually find a mixture works for us. We visit places that are great for children but perhaps their grandparents may not want to go or sometimes they want to go on walks that aren’t suitable for pushchairs or little legs.


Another benefit of holidaying with others is that you might be able to share babysitting duties so you can have a child free night out. Again though a discussion needs to be had so that everyone is clear and no one feels like they are being taken advantage of.


extended family holidays


So there you have my top tips. I would encourage you to consider a multi-generation holiday next year. If you are thinking about it, who are you planning to holiday with and where will you go? Don’t forget to have a look through all my Uk days out and holiday posts for inspiration for your next holiday.


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Planning and extended family holiday


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