#mycolourfulkids, an instagram community

#mycolourfulkids, an instagram community

I love Instagram. It’s my favourite social media platform. I love sharing my photos and interacting with others on there. I love using and browsing hashtags. In fact, I love them so much I’ve decided to start my very own hashtag (#mycolourfulkids) and I’d love for you to come and join me.

When I look back through my photos, the common themes are childhood and colour. I love bright colours. I dress my girls in lots of colour,┬átheir toys, books, bedroom’s and even E’s nappies are brightly coloured. Looking through Instagram, I know I’m not alone in my love of colour. So I’ve created #mycolourfulkids, an instagram community celebrating everything colourful about childhood. I’d love it if you would tag your photos and come and join me in my colourful family adventures. colourful balls #mycolourfulkids

You don’t need to be a blogger. Simply add the hashtag #mycolourfulkids to any of your photos on Instagram that are colourful and related to children. They could be photos of your children, their bedrooms or playrooms, their crafting projects, even their lunch. Anything as long as it is colourful. There are no other rules. You don’t need to follow me (although obviously, I’d love it if you did) and there is no requirement to like or comment on other photos etc.


I will try my best to like and comment on all the photos added to this hashtag. Every week I will select my favourites from all the photos that have linked up and share them on my blog and on my Instagram account, tagging the owner of the photo. So what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to see your photos.

Water play was another big hit.

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