New year’s eve ideas for families

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New year’s eve celebrations are a little bit different with kids. You can celebrate the start of a new year with the whole family in lots of fun ways though. This post is filled with new year’s eve ideas for families. There are ideas for older kids and also younger kids who perhaps won’t be staying up until midnight! Find more seasonal activities for kids here.

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There are loads of great ideas for the entire family below including ideas for new years eve crafts, games, treats and ways to spend the day or evening with kids. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to make great memories with your young family or perhaps your children are getting older and you want to make the last night of the year more of a special occasion. Either way, there are lots of fun ideas here.

Celebrate new year’s eve early

If you have little kids then celebrating “midnight” early is the best option. You can even use a country in a different time zone as a way to celebrate early. Here in the UK, Australia celebrates midnight around our lunchtime.

You can have your own countdown at any time so pick the best time for your family and plan your countdown.

You might like to make dinner a bit different with these family dinner conversation starters.

Have a family games night

What better excuse than to pull out all the family’s favourite board games to play together? You can use family time to play games together. You’re bound to all have fun whilst spending quality time as a family.

Which are your favourite family games? I bet you’ve got lots of fun games in the cupboard.

This is one of our favourites 5 second rule junior review.

Go ice skating

Ice skating is a great activity that you can do especially in the winter. There are lots of places where you can go ice skating with the kids and most have skate aides for young kids. At this time of year there are even more ice rinks than usual as there are loads of temporary Christmas rinks that are outdoors and now is a great time to enjoy them.

If you live in North West England, I have a post rounding up all the places where you can go ice skating this year – Where to go ice skating North West England.

Go to a light trail

If you’re reading this post ahead of time, perhaps you could book tickets to a local Christmas light trail. These are fantastic fun for kids of all ages and the end of the year is the perfect time to visit one.

There are loads of them across the UK and I’m sure other countries also have them too.

If you live in North West England then I have a guide to all the ones in our region. It also includes links to reviews of many of them too. Find it here – Christmas light trails North West.

Set up a New Year’s eve invitation to play

I love setting up seasonal invitations to play for my children and one of their favourites is play dough. Get your Free printable New Year’s Eve playdough mats here.

Go to a family new year’s eve event or party

Do you want to celebrate new years eve but you want someone else to do all the preparation, clean up and more?

If so there are many family new year’s eve events and parties to choose from and they are a great way to spend new year’s eve but they can be expensive. On the plus side, you won’t have to spend new year’s day tidying up from a party at home. I’m sure you can think of a better way to spend the first day of the new year.

I have a guide to all the ones I can find in North West England. There are even a few that are daytime events. Read it here – New years eve family events North West.

New year's eve activities for kids

Go on a family walk

A family walk is always a perfect way to spend family time. You could spend time on the walk talking about the past year and making plans for the next year. You could see if some of your extended family or friends want to join you.

You always go for a nice meal afterwards or invite everyone back to yours for a family party. You could make it an early finish family party?

Find family walk ideas here – The best family walks North West.

Many of these festive trails are still on on new year’s eve too – Christmas trails North West.

Have a family new year’s eve party

How about hosting your own party? It could even be just a dance party for you and the kids with some of your favourite food and perhaps some special treats too. I’m sure you can have lots of family fun together.

Perhaps you want to go a bit bigger and invite a few friends and or family? You’ll then have lots of people to celebrate the upcoming year with and wish a happy new year. You just need music, party food and drinks and you’re ready to have so much fun.

You could use the ideas above to set up some fun activities for the kids. I’m sure you can think of some other fun things do. Perhaps some sparklers or glow sticks might be special for the kids too.

These easy snacks are perfect for a party to celebrate the start of the new year – New Years Marshmallow Pops.

Watch a film together

You might like to choose to cosy up as a family and have a quiet day or evening watching a favourite film. If you want something with a new years theme, here are some ideas for you – 12 Family-Friendly New Years Eve Movies for Kids.

You could make it extra special with popcorn or special treats like these – New Year’s Eve Cake and Desserts Ideas for your Party.

New year’s eve decorations

Hopefully, you still have all your festive decorations up but why not add a few new years decorations too?

Where to next?

Thinking ahead to the new year? Find loads of ideas for January activities for kids here.

Many of these ideas are perfect for new years eve too – Outdoor Christmas activities for kids

How about getting some ideas for new year’s day from some fellow bloggers?

Now is also a great time to think about goal setting.

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