Piccalilly organic clothing for children review

Piccalilly organic clothing for children review

Back in March, we were sent a collection of Piccalilly organic clothing for children to review. We are currently working with them as brand ambassadors. I only became aware of this clothing brand last summer but I quickly fell in love with their bright colourful designs. Aside from how gorgeous the clothes are, Piccalilly clothing are ethically produced too. All their cotton is organic (so free from chemicals and fertilisers) and made in fair trade factories that pay their workers living wages and do not employ children. They produce clothing from newborn size right through to 10 years, for boys and girls. Many of their designs are unisex so they have recently stopped dividing them into boys and girls clothing on their website.

We were sent a selection of clothing for both girls to test. They’ve been wearing them and I’ve been washing them for a good month now so it’s time for me to tell you what we love about them.

Baby clothing

For E, my youngest, who is 10 months we were sent a dog days body dress, a vest, sausage dog dungarees and a muslin swaddle. All the clothing here is 6-12 months. E is small for her age and only weighs 17lbs currently. As you will see from these photos there is plenty of growing room which is what I expected. I have bought Piccalilly before and she had grown out of their 3-6 month size. In my opinion, Piccalilly clothing is generously sized but I had heard organic cotton can shrink on the first wash. I have not found this shrinkage to occur in any noticeable amounts on any of the items I have had from Piccalilly. Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

It is worth noting that Piccalilly clothing is cut to fit cloth nappies. I shared last week that I have been using cloth nappies on E and this was how I came across the brand. Cloth nappies do tend to be a bit bulkier than disposable nappies and this can be a problem with clothing. Vests and trousers are the biggest problems. With vests, I have been using vest extenders which are designed to give the extra length need to fit standard vests over cloth nappies and this has worked ok. Trousers are more of a problem.

Like a lot of babies, my eldest lived in leggings. They are so comfy and practical but with cloth nappies, they aren’t that great. If you do get some that fit over the nappy whilst still being the right length, I don’t like the way they look around the waist. I think it would be more of a problem for me if I had a boy. With E, I do put her in dresses sometimes and I have not had a problem with getting tights to fit. However last autumn, I discovered Piccalilly dungarees. The pair we were sent as part of our ambassador role was my 4th pair. Yes, I love piccalilly dungarees so much, I’d previously bought 3 pairs myself.Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

These dungarees are so practical for babies. They are comfy, great for crawling and easy to get on and off. Newer styles do not have poppers around the legs which at first I though was going to be difficult at nappy changing time. However, I am pleased to say I was wrong. It’s no harder to undo the two buttons on the shoulder and remove the dungarees than to undo all the poppers on the legs. The older style ones I have with poppers often gape or poppers pop open.

The body dress is also lovely and practical. Since it is a body dress it means that you do not need a vest underneath on warm days. We’ve not had many warm days yet so I’ve been teaming ours with a cardigan and tights.Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review The vest fits over E’s cloth nappies really well and I also liked the poppers from the neck diagonally to the armpits. I don’t know about you but I often find envelope neckline vests stretch and get baggy on the neck. These poppers prevent this but still allow the vest to be removed downwards in case of a nappy leak.

E was too old for swaddling even when we were first sent this swaddle but they have so many more uses. They are great as a light weight blanket in the summer or something to put down and place the baby on top of. I’ve also found them useful as a nursing cover. This one from Piccalilly has a gorgeous colourful design, is super soft muslin and very generous in size.

Apart from the more practical uses listed above, our swaddle has been used as a backdrop for photos.

Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

As a den.Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

And as a table cover for a teddy bears picnic.

Children’s clothing

For F who is 4, we were sent a sausage dog dress, a dreamcatcher t-shirt and a pair of red Bowness print culottes. She is small to average for her age and quite skinny. I chose age 3-4 clothing for her. You can see in the photos they fit her reasonably well. Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

She loves wearing the sausage dog dress especially as she matches E in her dungarees. This is the first time I’ve dressed them in matching clothes. I like the fact they match without being identical.

Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

I love the sleeve detail on the dreamcatcher t-shirt. F loves the t-shirt so much, she declared it “the best t-shirt ever”.Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

We love the practicality of culottes. It looks like a skirt but is much more practical for running around etc.

Piccalilly Organic Clothing Review

All the items we were sent are great quality. The fabric is super soft and you can feel the quality by the thickness of the fabrics. So far they’ve washed really well and we are really pleased with all these clothes. I have bought Piccalilly in the past and I will be buying from them in the future too.

Disclosure – All items shown were sent to me free of charge for the purposes of this review. All thought, opinions and photos are my own.


  1. May 3, 2017 / 6:26 am

    All such lovely pieces and designs, I’ll have to look into Piccalilly. Thanks for sharing!

    • Claire
      May 3, 2017 / 8:31 am

      You really should. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. June 5, 2017 / 10:01 am

    Wow, that’s an amazing idea. I love it. Really it such an informative post. I’ve read so many amazing things about your article! I like the baby wearing. The information you have provided is valuable. Buying organic clothes is a smart decision, especially when you are buying them for your kids. So be very careful because it is connected to your baby. Organic clothes are always a safer option for kids. Because these clothes are made strictly as per the guidelines & standards, they are 100% safe for skin.
    And thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding this important topic. I am waiting for your new post.

    • Claire
      June 6, 2017 / 6:48 pm

      Thank you. I’m glad you found the article useful

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