Planning a family garden

Planning a family garden

This is a collaborative post.

By now you will have realised how important I think getting outdoors is for kids. Fresh air and natural sunlight are an important part of keeping kids healthy, and that is why we should be encouraging them to get out in the garden as much as possible. Luckily, no matter what size your garden is you can fill it with kid-friendly activities that will keep them amused and ensure they develop an enthusiasm for being outdoors. Read on for some suggestions.

Fruit and vegetable growing

Growing fruit and vegetables is one of the most important outdoor activities that you can encourage the kids to get involved in. This is because, not only does it get them outdoors and help them to understand where healthy food comes from, but it also teaches the skill of tending plants. Something that can serve them well all through their life. Fruit is a good choice to grow because it’s usually sweet and delicious and so it makes it easy to get the kid’s on board with. Although there are many delicious vegetables and herbs that you can try as well. I’ve grown strawberries and herbs with F a few times now and she loves it.

To grow fruit with the kids, you may choose to section off a piece of garden and put in some raised beds. Something you can find out how to do at Alternatively, you can look at sites like where you can find orangery type greenhouses to erect in your garden. These types of greenhouses are particularly useful for plants like tomatoes.


Why kids love rooting around in the sand of hours on end, I’ll never understand, but they definitely do. That is what makes a sandpit such a worthwhile thing to install in your garden. We don’t have a sandpit but I have thought about adding one. 

However, before doing so, you really need to have a long hard think about safety. The reason for this is that uncovered sandpits can easily be used by animals like next door’s cat as litter trays. Not something that you want your kids to discover while they are playing.

That means covered sandpits are best, and even raised pits with covers can work well, as they can be set to the children’s height. Then the kids don’t have to bend down and actually get in the sand when they want to play. Something that makes it a lot easier to clean them up when they want to come back indoors.


Playhouses are another fantastic addition to the garden if you want to encourage the kids to spend time there. These come in all sort of shapes and sizes from simple plastic framed tents, to elaborate wood built houses that are designed to stay outdoors all year round. Something you can see at

Of course, your budget will usually dictate the type that you will pick, as the wooden ones are a lot more expensive than the others. We’ve had ours for nearly 3 years and our girls love it.

So there are just a few ideas for a garden packed with fun things for children.

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post. See my disclosure page for more information.

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