Sunshine, sewing and aliens in underpants #littleloves

Sunshine, sewing and aliens in underpants #littleloves

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday. Ours was a little dull as my husband was ill. My parents visited on Sunday and they took me and the ladybird out to our local monthly market. It’s a lovely mix of food stalls and independent stalls selling handmade things. The weather was lovely for it too.

My favorite stall at our local monthly market.

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I’m not sure I’ve read much this week except for children’s books with the ladybird. She really loves books and this week is particularly taken with Aliens in underpants save the world.


We found one series on amazon we wanted to watch and in fact watched a whole series in 1 week (only 10 episodes). The series is exclusive to amazon prime and is called Bosch.
I’ve also watched a few disney films on there with the ladybird when I’ve been feeling too tired to do much.


The ladybird is turning in to a little bossy boots at times. The other day she pointed at me and told me “I go outside now. OK?” She also stood next to her dady who was asleep and said “i wake him up now. Ok?” with the cheekiest grin ever!


We’ve had some warmer days (and some not so warm) so I’ve worn a couple of summer maternity/nursing bits. I’ve not got that much maternity wear for hot weather but it made a nice change to wear something different.


I finally got my sewing machine out on Tuesday and made two cushions for the ladybird. I bought the fabric on holiday last summer without a plan of what to make. Isn’t it beautiful. I decided on cushions for the ladybird’s bedroom. I made one cloud shaped and a basic square one. I added my first ever piping to it and I am really pleased with the results.

About to turn this beautiful fabric into a cushion for the ladybird's bedroom.

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Two lovely cushions made for the ladybird's bedroom.

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I’ve cooked/baked a bit more for the freezer this week. I also made a pork stir fry with pineapple in this week which was delicious.20160531_182343

And lastly…

Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary. I still can not believe it was 5 years ago! We got married in Tuscany and I really want to go back one day.X_73

You never know this might be my last little loves for a little while as I am 39 weeks tomorrow. I had really strong braxton hicks all day Saturday and Yesterday. The midwife seemed to think yesterdays could have been real contractions but they have completly stopped now so I still think I may be overdue again!



  1. June 3, 2016 / 10:21 pm

    That material is stunning, I love a French theme and the cushions are just gorgeous.

  2. June 9, 2016 / 10:22 am

    Oh wow, not long to go now then! How exciting!
    Love the fabric you’ve used for the cushions, I wish I was good at making things. They really do look lovely xx

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